would i be crazy to say bye to these beauties?

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  1. i'm an avid bbag and chanel tpfer (hiiii!) and just recently decided that i need to clean my closet. i let go of a b mix silver bag and just came across these 2 spies i have but have not used. to me they're classics...and i'd like to keep one. which one should i keep?

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  2. I would keep the Honey colour,i think it is a classic colour and you would be able to use it more than the silver.That is my opinion.
  3. Have to agree, would keep the Honey one, goes with anything
  4. Although I think the silver would match more, I would keep the honey, it's such a beautiful color and suits the spy better IMO...
  5. I would actually keep the silver. It's just so stunning, a statement bag.
  6. i think you should keep the silver one and give the honey one to me cuz :love: thats one of my dream bags.

    haha no i think you should keep the honey. it's divine. they're both lovely though!
  7. If you don't love it, I don't see the point in keeping either. If you do love the Spy, I would suggest considering how and when you'd wear it and keep the one that would work best. You also might consider keeping the color that you don't have something similar to in BBags or Chanels.

    I happen to think the honey is so much more striking than the metallic Spies.
  8. I think the honey would be a classic forever, the silver is more trendy, but I love the silver one.
  9. I vote to keep the Honey. I saw that IRL and it is a great color!
  10. I would keep the silver one. It will go with so many outfits and just add that little bling! The honey one is gorgeous too.
  11. The silver is just to fabulous to part with IMO....
    It's so easy to find another honey colored bag should you not already have one.
  12. If I had to pick between the two, I'd probably keep the silver because it is so stunning and the bicolor aspect of it simply rocks. The honey is a great color, and it goes with a lot, but there are so many bags in this type of color. It's a tough choice though! Good luck! I don't think that there is a wrong choice here.
  13. thank you so so much ladies! i decided to let the brown one go although it matches with more outfits. i have some classic chanels and want to keep some fun fabs in my closet. thaaaank you!!
  14. I think you made the right choice! Dont get me wrong... I absolutely love Honey Spies, I have one! But I just think the BiMetal Spies are more unique. Like an earlier poster said...It's much easier to come by another bag in a Honey type color.

    Of course If you ever feel the need to get that precious bi-metal off your hands....just send it over to me! I'll take gooooood care of her!:graucho:

    (I swear I will never have enough spy bags!)
  15. i love the silver!! i am now realizing what a classic bag the spy is and i deeply regret selling my black one.