Would I be crazy to buy these?

  1. So the temperature does not dip too cold in Florida. Recently it did fall to around 32:nuts:. I do travel north probably twice a year. What do you think? My finger is itching to pres buy. BTW, the boots would be black. I have brown Uggs that I love:heart:

  2. Samantha - go for it - I saw these in person and they are awesome!
  3. Jburgh has these in black and she LOVES them! I do too....super cute!! :yes:

    Definitely go for them!
  4. Quite a few ladies here, including myself, have those in black, either the long or the short version. They're incredibly stylish and easy to pull on. UGGs are too slippery if there's snow, and I don't recommend driving in flat soled UGGs. See, you actually need them!! In fact, you'd be crazy not to get them.
  5. Those would be cute with cigarette jeans stuffed into them along with a tunic sweater. I live in a warmer climate and I bought the Yevas...
    Samantha wears Uggs!!!!! I don't feel so bad sitting here in my Uggs.
  6. Go for it!
  7. Samantha - I love my black Yang boots! The bunny fur lining is so soft. It doesn't get that cold here either, but a girl has to have some Choo boots, right?
  8. Those boots are awesome! Go for it, Samantha!
  9. Those are really cute boots, but I think I like the taller version better.
  10. I am a little bummed. I ordered the boots pretty soon after my post. Saks canceled my order about an hour later. JM, you had me with the Cigarette jeans. Hey, I looove my Uggs. I am a comfort girl. They are the best!

    jburgh, thanks for the name...did not know it.

    If anyone sees these beauties in a hefty 40 please let me know?
  11. Shirise has the taller Yukon version in 9 and 10 on sale for $597.
  12. I'l keep a look out for you!
  13. Thanks JM! The shorter version is a better call for me. I feel like I will get more wear. Looove the look of the tall. I just feel like I might be pushing it climate wise.BTW, what is Shirise?
  14. Thank you jburgh:smile:. We are becoming shoe pals;)
  15. Shirise.com. I guess it is like net-a porter. They have alot of Choo on sale now.