Would I be covered by a SNAD?

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  1. I have seen an item on ebay that I like but there was only one far away photo. The seller has since added a few more closeups but they still arent great since she was using her phone. Im guessing she doesnt have a camera (I dont since mine broke so I cant really say much..) From what I can see there are no noticeable tears or anything...

    Anyway I specifically asked the seller if there were any tears or wears or anything and she replies back saying no the item is as good as brand new.

    If for some reason this turned out not to be the case, would Paypal cover me with a SNAD based upon the listing and the message she sent me through ebay?

    Opinions much appreciated :biggrin:
  2. I believe if you have that correspondence via eBay it effectively forms part of the contract and so you are covered in the same way as if she'd used those words in the listing.

    That said, a used item is likely to have some wear. Do not bid if you're not happy about that prospect.
  3. Yes...BUT...a lot can go wrong in a SNAD case.

    If the seller didn't provide a detailed description of the item and its condition (including flaws, signs of wear, other marks, smells), and/or the seller didn't post clear photos of the bag in the listing showing the flaws or its like-new condition, then it wouldn't be much of a SNAD (significantly not as described) if there wasn't much of a description...

    I don't buy items (bags in particular) without detailed descriptions and photos. If a listing lacks any or both of these, I pass. If there's a decent description, but the seller didn't cover everything, I send a note with specific questions about the item and it's condition.

    You can never be too cautious on eBay. Did you check the seller's feedback on toolhaus?
  4. Sorry about this. I am going thru the exact same thing right now. My case is being reviewed by paypal. They said I should here from them by Nov 6!!

    Good Luck
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    Yup no negatives coming up, she only has 9 positive feedbacks and only 1 from selling a leather sofa...

    Here is the listing if you want to have a look


    ETA: I have just emailed the seller saying that being that the item is worn, how much wear and tear does it have, are there any frays, are the zips still silver. I basically said that because the pictures arent what they could be I wanted to get a better idea of the jacket as I like to be 100% certain before I buy and didnt want to mess her around.
  6. Camera phone or not I wouldn't go near this listing without a photo of the entire jacket, front and back and a closeup of the inside collar. All taken in bright daylight - outside if necessary.
  7. Yeh I know its really annoying that the pictures are so bad. I think I will just keep trying to get her to take better pictures and hope she is honest and wants to sell it and therefore will take them for me. I have been hunting high and low for a leather jacket I like that is cheaper than a Balenciaga but no luck till this one :tdown:
  8. Twice she says it's as good as brand new, but, because she used it (twice she says), it's listed as "used." That could be a problem in a SNAD case kuz, according to eBay, minor marks found on an item listed as "used" are not a solid basis for a SNAD claim.

    When I run into this, I ask the seller if there are any signs of wear, marks, scratches, stains, smells or flaws, and I ask for additional clear, close-up photos from all angles. If you think you got enough info and feel comfortable going ahead with the transaction, then go for it. If you don't, then send her another note asking more specific questions.

    In the end, I always follow my gut or intuition. It never fails.
  9. That looks like a cute jacket, but the pictures are crap.
  10. I know!! Im really hoping she will get some better pictures to me, Im very tempted to buy it but at the same time I cant help thinking what if...I dont really wanna be out of pocket by £100! Boooo!!!!!
  11. Maybe she has a 30 day restriction. That would stop her adding photos. If you can't buy it from what you can see with total confidence, then stepping back is the answer. There will be another one!
  12. Ok this is her reply

    hi.really sorry but i dont know what photobucket is and have recently lost my camera so am limited to the depth of detail on my phone pictures. i can only assure you that the quality of the leather is that of stated which is 'As Good As Brand New'. It was bought for me as a gift and has only been worn twice so there is no wear or tear marks. There are no marks, no scuffs on zips and all zips are perfectly intact. im not looking to get any negative feedback comments on my profile so would not lead any one into buying this jacket under false pretenses. it is a great jacket, good quality leather that you will just not get in the shops at the moment at that price. hope this helps. thanks

    Having recently broken my camera I can understand her situation. She specifically states above that it is as good as brand new, no wears, tears, scuffs etc. Would ebay be able to read this message if I did have to open a SNAD and would it count against her if the jacket was in terrible shape?

    I want to believe she is genuine, I remember selling on ebay years ago and my photos werent great, neither were my descriptions. However, knowing what I know now I just dont know what to do..
  13. It does sound like she is an inexperienced seller. The first photo looks like a stock photo and the photos of the "real" item are pretty useless. But she doesn't sound like a scammer so it might be worth the risk.
  14. I was thinking that until I spoke to my bf and he thinks it will be too big for me...

    Its so frustrating, I find a jacket that wont bankrupt me, then I deal with the ebay saga, now I am worrying it wont fit.

    All in all I really dont know if its worth it, I might just have to continue the hunt!!!!

    Thanks for your opinions anyway :biggrin: