Would I be COMPLETELY CRAZY to....

  1. Okay, I just got in my Legacy Shoulder Zip in Black/Khaki/Ebony and I AM IN LOVE!!!!:heart::heart::heart: It is a gorgeous bag and holds a LOT for the smaller size! Now...HELP ME HERE, PLEASE. I am seriously considering selling my Ergo Sig Hobo as I am not as thrilled with the size/shape as I was when I first bought it. Would I be COMPLETELY CRAZY to sell it?????:blink::hrmm::nuts:
    I already have a Bone colored Chelsea, a blk/white demi, a Black Slim Duffle, and my springy Denim bag (which I still don't know the style name of). I just don't know if I NEED it or WANT it that bad anymore....am I NUTS???:nuts:
  2. Bags are not forever - they come and go in and out of our lives. Don't feel bad about letting one go if it's not meeting your needs.
    Set it free.
  3. I say if you're not thrilled with it, sell it.
  4. If you sell it, chances are the buyer will absolutely love it, and a Coach bag deserves love just like the rest of us, don't you think?!?
  5. If you don't love it and won't be using it, then sell it! Someone will give it a loving home!
  6. Do you have any photos to compare?
  7. wonderfully stated
  8. I agree with the others - set it free! And I am dying for a bag in black/khaki/ebony!
  9. Here are my bags...I am thinking of selling the Ergo (far left)!!
    IMG_0858.JPG IMG_0839.JPG legacy.jpg IMG_0961.JPG
  10. ^^ ^^
  11. If you've fallen out of love with it, sell it!! No point in keeping it just because........
  12. I concur :yes:
  13. I am so glad that you like your shoulder zip!! It's such a great bag - I knew you'd love it. I agree with everyone else and I think that you should sell your ergo. Plus, you might as well eBay it now while they're really hot because you'll get more for it.
  14. If you don't 100% love it anymore, I say sell it.
  15. Sell the ergo. I am selling mine already bc it is hard for me to get in and out of with the zipper that goes into the curve.