Would I be able to interview some of you ladies?

  1. I hope this is allowed here. I'm doing an article on counterfeit luxury goods for my Magazine course. I need to interview a couple of people about handbags and what better place than here?!

    We all have a love for bags so I would love to hear your thoughts on real and fake handbags and luxury goods. If you had some time to do a quick little survey/interview, I would GREATLY appreciate it. :smile:

    Please reply here or PM me. I just have a few questions that are mostly opinion-related.
  2. sure
  3. I am a guy, but for sure!
  4. Sure, ask away :yes:
  5. I wouldn't mind either.
  6. Feel free to ask!
  7. If the tPF permits it, I'm game!
  8. I am open to it so long as tPF permits this.
  9. Sure...PM'd ya!
  10. Ok I'll help you if you still need any more people to interview...I've been giving the whole luxury thing a thought lately, and have been discussing it with my dad (who is actually moving into the designer stuff more and more because of me). Let me know if you need help!
  11. If you need more opinions I'm open to it...as long as it's ok with TPF.
  12. i'd love to help! :biggrin:
  13. Will you post your findings here?