Would he like a COACH watch?

  1. I want to get my boyfriend a really nice watch, he's graduating this month and he deserves it, but the high-end designers are out of reach to me at the moment. I'm still in school and can barely afford to eat most of the time. Do you think COACH might be too much of a 'girly' brand though? It's just that it's all I can really afford right now :/

    I really liked the look of this one:

  2. I don't think so, that is a nice watch and it is very masculine.
  3. I took a magnified look at the watch on the Coach site. In the center area of the face, the Coach name is strongly featured. Do you think he would be comfortable with that?
  4. I agree it's a nice watch. But it also is kind of a more girl brand.. I don't think my SO would mind though. It's a present, it's from YOU, and it still is on the higher-end of things.
  5. I agree that it is more of a girl brand, but hey, what handbag brand isn't? I think the watch looks great...as long as he's comfortable with the Coach logo being on the watch, there shouldn't be a problem!
  6. as a guy, its a nice watch but the brand will not suit me....ii wll not wear it:supacool:
  7. you also have to think about whether he's a "brand" guy or not....my DH wouldn't wear it because it's obvious i spent money on a "brand." it would just make him mad at me instead of happy to have a present.

    have you looked into a nice citizen or seiko?

    ETA: i just looked up the price. yikes! you can almost get a Tag Heuer for that kind of money. if it were *me* i'd save a little bit more and look into a tag. it's a quality watch brand that's known for watches, not handbags.

    this one is very similar but doesn't have the chronograph. i think it would be a lot easier to wear every day (less sporty)....but they also have a styles that are less expensive with and without chronographs.
  8. It is nice, but holy cow, that is expensive for Coach! I agree w/ the others re: brand. My dad is not a brand guy and has nothing against Coach, but he wouldn't wear it b/c it featured the brand so prominently. You can also find something that looks similar, if money is a concern, as you posted. If you don't want to spend the money for this or a Tag, Bulova makes nice watches. Citizen is less and also makes some nice watches w/ the chronograph. Citizen holds up nicely too.
  9. The design of the watch is nice but I wouldn't get a man a watch that said Coach on it. There are some brands that I can see as unisex, such as Louis Vuitton, but Coach is definitely not one of those brands.
  10. Men's Coach watches are like $1k!!! :shocked:

    I would go with something like Citizen, Seiko or Movado instead-- all of these are <$500 and they're more acceptable brands for a guy to wear IMO.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. my dad has worn the gold/stainless version of the middle watch for the last 10 years. he's a VP in a well known regional company and it's served him very well. can't say enough good things about seiko's watches, especially for men.
  12. DO you consider Tag Heuer with that price range? I think it's more man-ish..my brother adores their watches :p
  13. Personally, I think Coach is too 'girly' for guys. I wouldn't even get a Coach wallet for a guy, definitely not a watch. If your budget is upto $1000, you have many other options. Tag, Movado, Seiko, Tissot are all respected brands for watches and are much more suitable for men.
  14. I wouldn't buy a Coach watch for a man, esp, if it's $1K. I would look at Movado, Swiss Army, Tag on sale, etc... as more suitable for a man.
  15. My husband has a coach signature wallet and he loves it, I say go for it.