Would get just 1 or 2??

  1. Hi everyone, was just looking through e-Luxury prices and I realized that the MC range is so much more expensive than the Monogram line.

    I am loving the White MC Priscilla but for that price I can also get the Monogram Speedy 25/30 plus Mono Petit Noe/Mini Noe and still get some change!!

    Should I get just the priscilla or 2 of the monogram?? :confused1:
  2. IMO,it's better if you just get one shoulder bag like mono batignolles H,V and get something from damier like speedy 25. 2 bags from 2 different line..
  3. i agree........
    get 2 bags instead....
  4. Get what you really want ! If you use the one MC bag more, you'll get your value back anyways ! :yes:
  5. Same here, get what you like more;)
  6. hmmm.....the thing is, I like them all and cant really decide....and I am not only limiting my choice to just the monogram speedy and noe....I might get the mono speedy and epi petit noe....still very unsure :wlae:
  7. Oh..in that case I'll get two bags.:P Have you considered the new Azur line:graucho:
  8. I have not seen the real thing and thus cant say whether I'll like it or not. But from the pictures, i much prefer the normal damier than azur
  9. I would buy two bags.
  10. in ur case, i would rather get 2 than 1 though.. :heart:

    and are u from sydney? i feel like seeing u somewhere but i couldnt recall..
  11. 2!!
  12. I would get two bags. I agree get the speedy and a shoulder bag.
  13. Two !!! :yes:
  14. Just get them all. teehee
  15. get 2!!!