Would east west bayswater or ledbury be best for me? r/o if you can help...

  1. Considering these two bags & also the LV epi noe. I need an everyday black bag, made of a leather which I don't have to baby. I have 2 boys (ages 4 & 5). I actually don't carry a ton of stuff, which is why I don't want the bayswater. Most of my bags are around the size of the ledbury. I'm only 5', but around a 14-16 size (US). Any thoughts on this matter? Thanks for any help--there are no places to shop for mulberry here!

  2. Hi, the main difference is that the East-west bayswater was brought out by Mulberry due to a customer demand for a bayswater which could be carried on the shoulder, hence the longer straps, I'm not sure offhand (check the mulberry website for exact dimensions) but I think the Ledbusy and East-west will carry about the same amount, so if you like the look of the bag you really need to ask yourself if you want a handheld/crook of the arm bag or a shoulder bag. Darwin leather is very tough and ages beautifully :smile:
  3. I have 3 boys age 5 and under and I'd say go for the east-west bayswater so you can put it on your shoulder when chasing after the kids!!! I'll find a thread where the bayswater/ east-west and ledbury were all photographed together if i can!
  4. Yes, I've viewed that pic over & over again...lol, but thanks. I love the shape of the ledbury, but the practicality of being able to have the east west be a shoulder bag. I really wish they sold Mulberry near me--even Saks & Nordies don't carry them & won't order them. Boo!
  5. Flyvetjo, thanks so much for the picture.
    I was still unsure which to get but have decided 100% on the Ledbury. I had a car accident 2 years ago and find it extremely difficult to carry shoulder bags. Even my Annie I carry by the handle, I think the Ledbury will be ideal for me....Unfortunately, they are hard to come by at the outlets and impossible in Chocolate, so I may have to pay full price, which I think is still quite reasonable.