Would Bergdorf sell me fake shoes?

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  1. Hi all, this is my first post on here but I have been a lurker for years. I ordered a pair of Dark Red Rolandos from Bergdorf ($745) and I was so excited cause it seemed like I snagged the last pair of my size. It came this morning and to my disappointment, it looks so off. I don't consider myself an expert at all, but I do have 7 other pairs of CLs (all bought from the boutique, Barney's and neiman's) but none as poorly made as this. Well, first, when I opened the box, it smelled more of paint than leather. Second, the insoles were so wrinkly. My 3 year old pairs aren't even as wrinkly! Third, I noticed the front is poorly painted and almost created paint bubbles. The insoles also have small splashes of red paint. It came with no dust bag or extra tip/taps (?) either. I just find it so hard to believe that a reputable department store would sell me something in this condition. Here are some pics.
    IMG_5308.jpg IMG_5309.jpg IMG_5314.JPG
  2. There is an authenticity thread that you could have posted in to verify if they are authentic or not. You will need to post a side profile pic, a pic of the sole, to help with authenticating. Sometimes the dust bags and heel taps get lost in the shuffle. I doubt that BG would knowingly sell you a fake shoe, they could just be defective. Post in the authenticating thread and someone will help you out.
  3. I would also call bergdorf and let them know their condition. My experience with their customer service has always been good. Whether authentic or not, their condition would bother me, and since you're buying them new, I'd want a pristine pair. I'm sure that they'd be happy to take them back and to send you a new pair - just ask them!
  4. Thank you both! I have called Bergdorf and they will not charge me for return shipping. Just sad..I wanted these shoes sooo badly and this was the last size. It fit well too.
  5. Hi nycmarily, just wanted to let you know that I experienced something similar with a pair from Barney's. I even emailed Louboutin and they offered to have their store manager at their closest location authenticate it for me after seeing the pictures I sent them. I went there and they said it was authentic but just poorly made. I returned it with no problem to Barney's since I couldn't take the way it looked. I have also heard from sales associates of people buying authentic shoes from the store and returning fake ones knowingly. If a salesperson who is unfamiliar with CLs or any other brand receives them, the store is now in possession of fake shoes and may unknowingly sell it to another customer. Incredibly infuriating for us.
  6. Thanks, GSD! That's exactly what I was thinking- that someone bought real ones and returned fake ones. But even if they were authentic, I couldn't take the way they looked either.
  7. :yes: I would have to see additional pics but looking at the insoles, it almost looks like someone asked a cobbler to insert half insoles under the original insoles... I have done this with a couple of my pairs and this is what it looks like afterwards.
  8. Dessye- what do the half insoles do underneath, do they make the shoe fit more tightly (so, if it is a half size big, make them smaller?)?

    op- those shoes look horrible, can't believe a SA would send those out to you. Also, maybe it is just the angle of the photos, but they don't look much like the Rolando, more like a Pigalle toe, no?
  9. Yes it makes the shoe smaller. It's the same as putting a half insole on top. Instead it's just hidden underneath. I find it works well!
  10. Thanks, I always use the ones on top, but a great idea for me to keep in mind for the future!
  11. I had a friend who purchaed a pair from Neiman's and it turned out it was fake. She knew it was "off" when it arrived in the mail and took it in immediately. Turned out someone purchased the real pair and returned a fake one. She got her money back...however, the shoes she wanted wasn't available. Total bummer sickening that people are doing this.
  12. In the future, please ask authentication questions in the appropriate thread.
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