Would baby wipes add a little patina?

  1. I just bought a used Batignolles (regular) with a lovely medium patina. Now I want my mono speedy 25 to also have a medium patina, and I want it now! It has just the beginnings of patina, still pretty light. I am wondering....if I go over the leather evenly with a baby wipe, would that help add some patina (due to the moisturizers in the wipe) without causing any problems? Thanks!
  2. Yes, i used baby wipes on Trouville and they are little more "tanned" than before..but they are beautiful and the dirty came out!
  3. Same here. I cleaned the handles of my Mini Mono Marie - dirt is gone and the vachetta has a lovely honey color.
    I wouldn't use it on very light vachetta though.
  4. I say DON'T DO IT. Just let it naturally patina. Don't rush nature, as they say. LOL
  5. Take it to the tanning bed and put it on a white towel and let it tan for 20 minutes - gave a beautiful even patina to my daughter's bag.
  6. Yup, adds a lil bit more tan to it, I also find baby wipes take off some of the red staining on the edges....
  7. Interesting, thanks! I will probably not use the baby wipes on it unless it is actually dirty. If I do the tanning bed thing, I won't be telling anyone I know. They'll make fun of me til the end of time!
  8. dont use baby whipes they wil ruin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just whip egg whites untill frothy (not meriengue!!) just foamy and then take a small paint brush that you would use to paint a picture or something and evenly distribute along the piping and handles then wait overnight untill the egg whites dry on the leather then depending on how dark you want the leather take some massage oil no vegetable oil or anything like that just get massage oil and again evenly paint the oil on the leather to your desired taste after you have finished painting then wipe the oil off with a damp cloth believe me this works extremely well i know it sounds a little strange but this will make your bag look absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have done it and i also have used it with many of my friends lV bags it works amazing wonders!!
  9. ^^^ :confused1:
  10. There are few people here that have used baby wipes on their bags with no issues.
    So to say it will ruin your bags isnt right.

    Just like saying apple guard will ruin the bag, several people have used this product with good luck some not so good.

    you have to remember none of this is approved by louis vuitton and you use at your own risk.

    Just like putting eggs on your bag, I would never does that to my bag :yucky:
  11. I am the one who forgets to cover her bag. I always realize it after I start to tan, and I have to jump out of the bed and cover the bag.:roflmfao:

  12. :wtf: :confused1: :nuts: :upsidedown:
    Hahahahaha...this sounds oddly familiar.
    Are you trying to ruin someone's bag?
    It's the olive oil thread all over again :roflmfao:
    Let me guess, you work for LV? :lol:
    (Sorry I couldn' help that one)
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I was thinking of the olive oil thread too!! (Drama)
  14. hahahaa yes i work for louis vuitton sweetheart and yes i do know for sure that baby whipes will not evenly distribute patina it will make blothches
  15. Well well...so you work for LV with such a dirty mouth!
    I have no idea what possessed you to email me with your insults (or should I call them justifications to yourself) but be warn, it does absolutely nothing to me. 3 emails???:wtf: You have alot of time in your hands. Is the job at LV AND your pastries not keeping you busy enough dear?

    See here's the problem, I love pastries so it's people like you I have to blame for being FAT (as you described me in your emails). So perhaps if I can get you Pastries Chefs to stop making such GOOD pastries, maybe I might be able to loose some weight. And no...I promise it's not 225lbs...it's just 155lbs (you got me there!...I've been saying 150lbs all the while...my secret is out :supacool: ) but I DID hear that the camera adds 10lbs. Shoot!...maybe I should photoshop my pics as the people in the magazines do :graucho: . Did you see what they did with Queen Latifah's pic for Chicago! WOW :nuts:

    I have nothing to hide darling...you point which bag in my collection you think is fake and I'll personally fly to NY and bring it for you to authenticate...oh WAIT....you're just an SA :crybaby: ....I'll need a MANAGER...or I may just not find you there right? You'd be off wouldn't you?

    Those white bags with the Navy (not black) are by a designer named MCM (Micheal Cromer Munic). See you wouldn't know much about that b/c these bags were popular when you still couldn't afford designer items and they've since pulled out of the US and can only be found in Europe now. But I'm sure you wouldn't know that...you probably have never even left the US. It's ok...there's no shame in that.

    All in all sweetheart what I am trying to say in this here post is, watch yourself next time you feel the itch of emailing someone with some bullsh*t you can't back up.
    I'd rather have my bag blotchy from a baby wipe, than completely ruined (not to mention rotten) by egg whites. We have people here that can confirm that baby wipes work...not one...not two...but quite a few. And you come in here claiming it'd ruin your bag but recommend EGG WHITE...whipped, not meriengue! :lol: Give me a break!

    Oh...btw...know that your butt will be sore in a couple of hours or so...b/c I forwarded all your emails to Vlad so that you get booted. Bye bye honey...don't let the door hit you on the way out :Blow kiss: :flowers: