Would appreciate for a recommendation~~


A shoulder bag for a guy!

  1. Brief

  2. Work

  3. Step

  4. Men's Weekender

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  1. I am looking to "invest" in a second Bbag after a 06 Sapin Besace, and would appreciate some thoughts from y'all. :supacool:

    I was deciding between the basic men's black weekender (surprisingly I don't really have a black bag of any sort!!!) or the style of Brief (in Anthracite) or Work. As for a guy, a TPF memeber recommended me the Step (Day off) as well....though I cannot seem to find a pic of it. Could someone kindly post a pic of Step for me? ;)

    so, I've previously found a Vert Gazon Brief on eBay before but it ended some days ago...
    I personally love the color of grey from 05...hopefully something good would come up in the future.

    meanwhile, back to the topic :p

    I am looking for a shoulder bag for a 5'7" male.

    Men's Weekender

    All thoughts are appreciated!!
    Thanks in advanced~
  2. I voted for the work, will be a great staple and looks great on guys. Plus, it will be a great contrast to your besace. The weekender would be great, too, but it is so much larger.
  3. An Anthracite or Steel/Plomb Work or Weekender would look great on you!
  4. i've seen many men use the WE...i think its a great choice cuz the size will work with your height!!
  5. I voted for the Work, but a Brief would also look great! The Work would be great for a guy, I love the way it looks on ICB!
  6. My vote went to the Work style...it's just a classic, you can't go wrong especially in the plomb or anthracite.
  7. a work or a brief would be my pick.
  8. I think a Work. I have a Brief and am not sure that it would look so great on a chap. I am not sure why though.
  9. I think work or WE would both be a great choice! cant go wrong with either!
  10. I like the weekender on guys..:yes: so I voted for this style..

    Either way you cant go wrong :graucho:
  11. I say weekender.. With the height u can totally pull it off..
  12. I voted for a work ;)
  13. WOW!!

    Thank you all for the responses!! I really appreciate :yahoo:

    It seems like the majority goes for either Work or Weekender!

    Hmm..but I do have a question though.
    Can you carry Work thru one shoulder? I mean the strap isn't as long comparing to the Weekender..though I do prefer the size of Work.

    I've tried a Weekender before..it looked nice but what am I supposed to fill the bag with?? LOL
    I guess I should go for both then...:p
    meaning...start saving money!!
  14. Yes, absolutely go with both;). Depending on the size of your arm, the work should be fine!