Would Appreciate Advice From Frequent Travelers

  1. Hello. I'm wanting to hear from any of you who are frequent travelers, like me. Just wondering what style purse, (handbag) you opt for when travelling? Is it an over the shoulder bag, cross over the body type bag, one thought to deter theft and purse snatching, or do you carry just an over one shoulder tote, or even a hand-held number? I was always taught way back when, since i was 13 or so, and began travelling with my family, to only carry a bag with a strap that goes over the shoulder, over the chest, cross-ways, carried around your body. But presently, I'm perhaps re-considering. And do YOU carry fanny-packs? What are your preferences for an airplane? For sight-seeing?

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts, from avid travellers of course.

    Thx alot!:yes:
  2. On my first trip to Europe my mom made me take one of those under the clothing bags... which i NEVER used. Lol. My personal belief is that if you aren't being flashy and irresponsible with your stuff, you don't really have to worry regardless of what bag you're carrying. Stay aware of your surroundings and stuff because if someone wants to steal from you, they'll get it regardless of what type of bag it is in.

    That being said, when I'm doing lots of sightseeing, I usually just throw everything into a longchamp tote or herve chapelier tote. To me, those are totally carefree, I can throw in an umbrella, maps, my camera, and everything else I could possibly need. Then I don't care about them getting dirty or anything.

    For an airplane, it is almost the same... except i usually put a smaller, nicer purse inside the tote so it is almost like two in one. Keep my most important stuff in my smaller purse adn then a book, magazines, snacks, whatever in thet tote. I do that because then with the smaller purse inside it counts as one carry on piece and I can still bring something else in addition to that.
  3. One of my favorite travel bags in my LV keepall, that I have a shoulder strap, too...that way I can carry it as hand help, over the should of across the body!
  4. I always struggle with what bag to bring when traveling! I almost always bring a large tote for the plane (to hold magazines, water, sweater, etc.) and then put a smaller bag inside. For the smaller bag, if it's a big sightseeing type of trip, I've been relying on a smaller cross-body bag from Jansport. Not the cutest thing, but it holds what I need - camera, wallet, maps, etc. and it's grey/black/brown so it doesn't clash with most things. It's very durable, comfortable, and doesn't show dirt. I like carrying it for active trips like Hawaii, Caribbean, etc. too. If I'm not going to be needing maps and books and such, I'll just bring one of my smallest bags (Coach signature demi pouch). I don't like to have to worry about large bags when I'm out and about. I like to bring a color that can go with both black and brown oufits (red, purple, camel) so that I don't have to change bags every day if I can help it!
  5. I usually carry a big, easy accessible shoulder bag (w/ tickets, passport, make-up bag, magazines, pens (for all the customs forms etc-always handy!) ,books and all the usual handbag stuff like wallet etc.) on one side and my laptop bag on the other side.
    My best investment to date has been a big, hard-shell suitcase with 4 wheels- it is incredible how much easier it is to just push it instead of having to pull it the whole time-really, I can only recommend it. :yes:

    I would argue that you should get a shoulder bag that has a zip-pull closure and a not too long strap. I always carry my bag with the zip pull in the front right where I can see it (in case that makes sense). I feel that having the zip pull very close in sight at all times gives me a secure feeling.

    Have fun on your trip!!
  6. i always carry a shoulder bag in the flight with me.preferably big enough to carry my essential items. my balenciaga city is a perfect bag for this purpose on me.
  7. I use a BCBG ivory leather tote bag when I travel on long flights to Europe and Asia. It's a roomy bag that can hold my essentials (wallet, makeup bag, glasses case) as well as magazines/books and a jacket. It has lots of compartments to put everything in and it's a stylish--but not too expensive--bag so I don't fret over minor scratches.

    For sight-seeing, especially if you will be on foot for the most part, I use either my Dior canvas sling or a LeSportsac messenger bag depending on the location/occasion. I like to carry Dior when I know I'll be making a pit-stop at designer boutiques. LeSportsac is good for everything else since the bag is low maintenance (light and semi-waterproof) and I can stuff everything in it.
  8. My Longchamp le pliage is always with me on travels. I have it in different sizes and even use one for storing my Kelly in when it has to travel down that security lane at the airport.:lol:
  9. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your suggestions. I like the one from the poster who said she carries a big tote with a smaller inside. As i found on my last trip a few months ago, my back was killing me with such a large tote daily, carrying everything. And couldn't find a small little pouch type purse anywhere. Now (thx to TJ Maax) I have a very small little Larmarthe leather cross-chest little purse for passport, money, lipstick, to carry within my larger tote. For my main purse though, I'm at a loss still. :cursing: Do I carry the larger tote on the plane, and then pack the teenie one in my carry on? Or do I carry a shoulder bag on the plane, as well as the tote--then just pack the others? Life just gets way too confusing sometimes doesn't it? I still never know how to pack, with each and every trip, although I have recently discovered the convenience of suitcases on wheels. :roflmfao: Never knew this when younger and frequently travelling.

    What exactly would YOU do if you were leaving for Europe tomorrow?
  10. Great! My Longchamp pliage is my carry on too, for magazines, snacks, baby wipes, face wipes (Ponds cucumber exfoliating wipes--THE best), make-up, toothbrush and water --(but too bad no more liquids)---- and stuff--but as for which purse to bring--I'm at a loss presently.:confused1:
  11. Which bags do you have in your collection?
  12. I either carry a tote or a flap bag for the flight, which doubles as a day bag for sightseeing etc.
  13. I used to travel a LOT on business, now it's just for vacations. TG!

    My "arsenal" included the following, I'd mix and match for the trip:

    *** 1 med-large Roller Bag (to check): good quality, no high end brand. Learned that the hard way. Ever cried over a destroyed bag that returned from being checked? I have. In the airport, no less.
    *** 1 large bag that will fit on top of Roller Bag (to check): This is usually my workhorse bag. Should match or coordinate, but again - don't go designer!
    *** 1 overnight/weekend bag, either roller or shoulder (never checked): Whew finally designer! This bag stays with you on your whole journey. Make sure it's med sized and manageable. This bag is probably the most often used. Spend a few bucks, it's the one that will go on your mini-holidays with special guys, or appreciative girlfriends!
    *** "Carry-on Bag" (never checked): This medium sized bag is what you'll wear in the airports, on your lap in cabs. It can be heavy designer if you mean to keep it close as I usually do and tends to make you look well put together and glam while walking entire airports to your gate. If you just want a carryall, go no-name but sturdy, and know you can put it in the overhead bin. Inside are your last 2 bags.
    *** Travel clutch (never, ever checked): This is where you keep your passport, money, meds, etc. Keep it small, and leave it in the hotel in-room safe if you have one. It can be your "going out" bag when you get to your destination. Keep it with you always. If you put your Carry-on in the overhead bin, take it out and keep it with you.
    *** Travel purse (not checked until homeward bound): I like little raffia or canvas bags, no name but cute for beach walks, little shopping trips (big bulky bags do not go with little sundresses when in extreme heat!) or a shopping tote. Keep this tucked inside your carry-on with one change of clothes. I PROMISE you that if you ever need it, those panties will be a godsend if the airline missplaces your luggage! I once spent a whole day in Aruba trying to find panties for one of the little girls on our trip! LoL

    You don't need them all on every trip. And avoid carrying 2 rollerbags unless they stack- that always leads to stress through airports.

    Oh - and while I'm at it - the nicest thing I do for myself when I travel is keep a little bag (like the travel purse) with little fresh wipes, moisturizer for my face, an eye cream, a lotion for my hands, and blistex or a fav gloss. Sounds simple, but feeling fresh and comfortable makes us pretty.

    And ALL of gals deserve to feel pretty :heart:

    Hugs and Luck:flowers:
  14. i second (er, third?) the longchamps pliage. the ones that fit over your shoulder are really perfect for travel. water resistant, zip closure and tab overhang (to avoid pickpocketing), plenty of room, lightweight....they're ideal.
  15. I usually use my LV speedy,its spacey and I wouldnt worry about it collecting dirt when going through the X-Ray stuff.:jammin: