would appleguarde clean dirt off the leather?

  1. if i use the appleguarde cleanser would it take off some of the dirt? would it help to make the color go back to it's original color if the leather got lighter because of use? (sky blue) tia!
  2. yeppers, i've used AG conditioner on my b-bags to get little bits of dirt off & it works great :yes:...i actually think it was the whipped cream from my coffee frappuccino :P...it also works great on scratches & dry patches...just make sure to use it sparingly & the color doesn't change a bit (i used it on my rouille first & black twigster) :tender:
  3. Coach leather cleaner works pretty well, too. Also used sparingly.
    Good luck!
  4. i used appleguard conditioner on my skyblue hobo corners and it took off the dirt without taking off the color.
  5. Does anyone have ideas on how to clean this bag? (I'm waiting for it to arrive, it's my first BBag!)
  6. I'd suggest trying something gentle like AG Leather care conditioner first, then if that doesn't work, maybe try the Coach leather cleaner(I think Bridget S. Had really amazing results on her Sky Blue twiggy--perhaps try PMing her first before you try it yourself). Lovinmybags also has a product for cleaning, but I haven't tried it myself. I saw the pics on the website and their products look promising. Worse comes to worse, you can take it to a leather professional to get cleaned.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to post the link to my bag! Here it is: