would anyone use this bag?

  1. I wouldn't, but I'm sure someone out there will find it fits their style.
  2. Like the saying, "there's a lid for every pot," "there's a bag for every woman."
  3. Aloha Rag has the same bag but in different colors. I kinda like the all black one - it's like a nicer version of Anna Corinna's totes.
  4. It's okay.....it's a little to big for my tastes but big is in now. I don't hate it but I don't love it either.
  5. Sorry, I don't like it.
  6. My 14 year old cousin might... she's really funky!
  7. Not I... it's a little too unusual for my taste.
  8. Believe it or not, I actually have a bag in a very similar style as that bag...
    but mine is all black, with soft smooshy leather and I can fit it over my shoulder - It was a lovely style!

    I am not sure sure how this would look on me - but that style is great when made with the right type of material... I think it would be lovely and more user friendly if it was all made with leather - but that's just me...
  9. I like it! :smile:
  10. Ok I lied.. so they don't look exactly similar :p
    But I really thought they were before I dug out my own.... but seriously - if it was a different material - it would me much more user friendly - this is one of my favourite black bags!
  11. Some could say the same thing about bags YOU might carry! That bag isnt for me, but others may like it. Theres a bag out there for everyone.
  12. Not a fan, especially for that price. I have a general aversion to logo fabric, though.
  13. My best friend has a bag in a similar style, nothing designer, it's just black leather with Elvis on it. She loves it! It's not really me, because I don't like it with the shoulder strap, and the handles are too small for me (she's in a wheelchair though, so she just puts it over the arm of her chair.)
  14. i'm not a fan of the NAP bag, but i love that black bag you posted! who makes it?