Would anyone like to do a Woodbury Commons meet?

  1. The Chanel store at Woodbury is quite small but there is alot of other good shopping. Weekdays are especially quiet so I would recommend we meet on a Thursday if possible. Let me know if anyone has any interest!
  2. Stacy-I would definately meet. I feel so bad our last attempt at a Meet and Greet in NYC didn't work out. I'll help you organize if you want. Let me know...
  3. ugh, too bad I don't live around there. if so, i'd be there to meet up with you girls.
  4. Ada, Let's see how many gals are interested and we can take it from there. If not much interest, we can try to reorganize the NY meet! :smile:
  5. I would......Id even carpool with some NJ gals if u want too!
  6. When I travel back in NY I would love to meet you all.
  7. Stacy-it looks like you, Jill and I!! How much fun!! I can't wait! No one else would like to join us?
  8. Do you have a date yet?
  9. Stacy....
    would love to meet....
    but since I dont live in the east coast, I can only do it when I am there...
    What do you think Jill? should this be our NJ/NY meet?
  10. Did we decide on a date yet?
  11. I would love to come Stacy, but right now the only day I could possibly make it, assuming we meet early, is on a Friday, because of my ongoing classes. :sad: I have class until 5:30pm on Thursday's. :sad: Also, I'm going to Chicago for 21082843 weddings (well, a lot haha) the last weekend in July, so I potentially couldn't do that Friday either! :sad: When a date is set, I'll try my best to make it and see what happens. :p It sounds like a lot of fun, and I'd love to meet you fabulous ladies... plus, I love Woodbury haha! :p
  12. RC: i wld LOVE to meet you at Woodbury commons ! BUt i live half the world away ! haahaa, i may be planning a trip to NYC in Dec though !

    I had such a great time there in March ... Woodbury as well as NYC itself
  13. Work has been keeping me very busy again, so I probably couldn't make it any week day in the near future. :sad:
  14. I would love it but i can only do weekends :sad:
  15. I would love to come as well. I have been dying for an excuse to get back to Woodbury Commons..
    I am on the East Coast, but in MD. so it would have to be a weekend for me.- So if you guys do it on a Saturday I am there..
    In Aug I am out of town Aug 4 and Aug 11