Would anyone like to do a GTG in NYC ?

  1. I'm sure you must have had these before? My travel forum does them and I was just thinking how much fun it would be to do a girl's lunch -- everyone trying to figure out which bag to carry alone should make for some interesting pics/discussions!
  2. We actually have a meetup thread in the GEN DISCUSSION forum as well...if u look there..u can see if there is one in yer area too
  3. I was thinking more just a prada/miu miu group -- did look and posted but haven't seen any response yet.
  4. I would totally go to one!LOL!

    been dyin for a new york shoppin trip......gettin tired of Prada shipping stuff to me!
  5. Actually -- there have been some responses -- I spoke too soon. I was thinking some time in August -- that gives us time to pick a fun place and people to plan to come, yes?
  6. I can do the beginning of AUG..I go away the last 2 weeks of AUG to the shore
  7. I might come! LOVE browsing Prada in the city! :smile:
  8. Maybe we should put everything in the gen discussion/tpf meet thread -- about 8 people responded over there.
    Jill, I picked the 12th of August (will that work with your shore time?) and suggested two diff lunch ideas there
    Minette it would be so much fun to meet you
    Is anyone else close enough to come?

  9. :crybaby: i would love to go but alas, AZ is nooowhere near NYC...I wish you all the best of fun though.
  10. I can do AUG 12