Would anyone like the Valentine's catalogs

  1. I just received the LV Valentine's Day catalogs, one with gifts for men and one for women. They seem too pretty and glossy to throw away, but I really don't need them (I already know I want the coeur change purse!). If anyone here would like them, just pm me and I'd be happy to mail them to you!

    I don't know how much interest there is, so I'll just say whoever contacts me first will get them, and I'll post here if they are gone.
    both.jpg books.jpg inside.jpg
  2. i'd love to have one sent to my house.
  3. Hawaii, if you want me to mail them, just pm me your address!
  4. is available? :smile:
  5. You're so kind but I'm in UK. i have to pass.
  6. Tangle,

    I just viewed your scarf collection. They are museum pieces! Thank you for sharing.
  7. The catalogs have been claimed!

    Thanks, LoVer! The scarves are fun. I have one LV scarf, too--I should add it to the page.