Would anyone ever do this?

  1. I was wondering if anyone would do this or has done this: buy 2 of the same bag style in the same print (with the print varying a little bit between both bags).

    I mean .. is that just insane and pointless to do or do you think it's actually okay?
  2. I was actually looking at a 2nd Foresta BV b/c it had parts of the pattern that mine doesn't.
  3. ahh ok QueenLouis!! Thanks!! :yes: lol i needed justifcation for me to go through with this ... I figured if people said it was okay to do that I'd do it :biggrin:
  4. I have talked myself down from doing that quite a few times.
  5. When I've ordered online before not knowing what the bag would look like I've ordered 3 and sent to back 2 so I could pick the best one. Does that count?
  6. robotkitten - lol I was gonna buy both bags and keep both ... :biggrin:

    lambfashionista - I wish I could talk myself out of doing it but I'm so tempted. And as of late my willpower has been waning ... arghh
  7. As much as I am tempted to, I don't think I'll do it. Unless of course, you really really really really like the print and wants a complete print set - then you'll have to buy different place placement on the same bag. Umm..am I even making sense here?? Haha ..
  8. pinkpeony - lol i understand what you mean
  9. haha.. i guess it depends if you REALLY want the different prints! i try to just find my one favorite print only cause i can't afford it! lol..

    ie. i have a foresta bella with the placement i love. then i so happen to have another one but with a different placement. Turns out it's really cute too but i can't keep it so I'm gonna have to sell it! so is that what you mean sorta?
  10. Yes leen!! That's totally what I mean :yes:
    I'm gonna keep thinking about it ...

    thanks everyone for your feedback :smile:
  11. Tokidokiangel, so which bags to you have two of?? And do they have different print placements?

    Or is it that you found something and you wanna get it!!! =)
  12. I found something and I wanna get it :biggrin:
    But .. I don't NEED 2 of them .. haha
  13. Tokidoki Angel: If you really like the print in both bags, then keep them both .
  14. i'd probably buy a bag i liked better and sell the other one, the exception being my foresta BV coz i'm so emotionally attached to it. my problem is there are so many styles that i want that i'd just buy the print in another style first.
  15. i think it's completely ok to have two of the same bag style in the same print with different placement, as long as you love them both. heh