Would anyone be willing to explain to me the big differences between the Mina & Stam?

  1. I would very much appreciate it!:heart:

    I would like to buy my Mom a purple bag, and her name is Mina! She likes bigger bags though, and I have never owned a Stam, and dont know how it compares to the Mina. Any help is much appreciated!
  2. the mina is lighter and width-wise is smaller than the stam. it also is missing the rolled leather handles that is present on the stam. the mina was only available in the elasticized leather instead of the standard calfskin. those are the main differences. it's a beautiful bag. the plum was my favorite color in this style followed closely by the emerald. i'm sure your mother would love it!


  3. I have the Mina bag in Green and I love it! It's actually about the same size as the Stam but not as deep. Since it's a flatter bag, it's a little easier (and more comfortable) to carry on your shoulder (It's also a little bit lighter weight). If your mom likes shoulder bags, I'd recommend it - I think it's a great alternative to the Stam, esp if you know you would use the chain strap more often than the double rolled handles.

    There's a lot of room inside too and the kisslock makes it easy to acess (w/o always having to take the bag of your shoulder).
  4. I have a Stam and a Mina. The Stam is a bit bigger and has the handles, but the Mina is surprisingly big. I like big bags and the Mina works really well for me. I have it in Plum and it is a really lovely shade.
  5. OOOOooo! You have Plum! I wish I had been able to find a Stam in either the Plum or Navy - I love my Green Mina, and was hoping to find the Quilted Elastic Stam somewhere in one of those shades. I could have gotten the Kid in Plum (my SA called me last week about one that was returned), but I passed becuz I knew it would be too small for me (plus I already have a Baby Stam) - I'm kinda sorry that I did that since I just luv that color (at least another PFer got the Plum Kid instead of me!)
  6. I think the Kid would have been too small for me, too. I don't have the elastic Stam, but I do have 3 of the regular quilted Stams and I love them. I thought the Mina might be too small for me, but it's not. It's really light, too. I love the Plum shade. If they would have had it in the elasticized Stam, I would have bought it. I just considered myself lucky to find the Mina in Plum, though. The green, black and blue are all gorgeous, too. I just love the shininess of the elasticized leather.