would anyone be so kind as to send a pce?

Dec 22, 2011
Ladies, I don't know if I am the only one in this boat but I have been in the system for years...ever since I got my first poppy book bag for school ! lol

Never once have I received the pce, I'm seriously losing hope that I will ever receive one. Everytime I go in there I ask if all my information is in the system...it is. So now I am at a desperate point :shucks:

If anyone has an unused pce, that they really don't plan on using may I please have it? I literally feel like I am the only person who has never ever received a pce discount. Whenever I read on here when the event is coming and call my store or go in to see if they can offer it to me I always get turned down ughh. I don't know. I know it is random who gets it but holy cow can I just get the discount just this once, you know what I mean?

I know I know i'm ranting, Im hoping that someone will pass it on if it is not being used and it will go to the person who first pm's them. However if you see this before this happens, please message me?

I dont exactly have too much to spend on the pce but anything would help,
to be honest all that I want is a leather madison wallet, this will be my first high end wallet ever ! :smile::yes:

Thank you girls
Sep 1, 2009
Call the store you usually go to. Tell them you did not receive one and would they give you the discount. Depending on how your store works, they may just give it to you. I did not receive one this time, but my SA always calls me every time there is one. I am not a big spender there, either.