Would anyone be able to

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  1. tell me where I could find a courier?

    I have been doing a search on the forum today and I have fallen in love with the courier. I love that it can go across the body and leave my hands free. Esp. now with summer, it will be a great bag to use when going on day trips where I dont wan to be carrying a handbag foor iems I made need.

    Has anyone see any in the stores? I did check with AR and they have black and emerald.

  2. I saw one today in black at Barney's Dallas!
  3. Thanks!

    I may just go with black, but I wanted to see if maybe I could find a pop color.

    I really like the blueberry from the pictures I have seen and the red is pretty as well.

    I am going to keep my fingers crossed and working tomorrow morning. I am going to call to as many places as I can!!
  4. I heard that Barney's in NYC has it in Ink.
  5. Last time I was in Barneys in NYC (about 2 weeks ago) they had Rouille and Emerald and the leather was TDF!! Good luck in your search!!! :graucho:
  6. I was at Barney's NY yesterday and they also had a courier in grenat.
  7. susan's burlingame has one in vert gazon. Have you called BalNY. You may want to give them a shot.
  8. WOW! Ink would be amazing!! It has the most beautiful undertones - depending on the light... Can't wait to hear - and see pics of - what you are getting.. :yes:
  9. Thank you very much!!

    I am going to call a few places today. I hope to find one!!
  10. blueberry courier, i will vote for blueberry, the color is amazing when it's under the sun
  11. as you know, i vote for rouge VIF!

    but vert gazon on a courier would be amazing as well!! maybe you should call susan's in burlingame... i would love to get one but i'm on an out-of-EU bag ban :smile: