Would anyone be able to tell me how much a ... (not a birkin)

  1. PM Agenda couverture simple would be (without the pen loops on the side)

    in croc, gator and lizard. Im thinking of gettign on as a credit card holder (because i don't really like any of the other H ones) but its so small that maybe i can stretch my budget to an exotic. the regular leather are about $300, im guessing exotics are roughly double.

    Also can anybody confirm, my SA told me that they can't be SO since they aren't technically wallets or bags (although there are plenty of other H things you can order) this is something that doesn't fall into their categories. As wanted one with a surprise lining i.e. SOed. I guess you can't or im not a good enough customer (just because i buy my H from a lot of sources not straight from my closest store!)

    Alternatively she said that i can send it in as a 'repair' to be relined (and stitched) in my choice of color. Which i will probably do, but it seems like such a waste of good quality H leather (not to mention money) maybe ill use it till i get bored or get a few scratches so i can feel like there's more value in the whole 'repairing process' haha.