Would any stores possibly have an Ink First?

  1. I've decided to purchase my first BBag and I think an Ink Classique would be perfect for me. I know it's an old color, but would any stores still have them? I haven't had any luck on eBay yet. Thanks!
  2. Someone reported that Barney's Bevery Hills had one (or more) as of last week.
  3. I think I saw one at Barney's New York, give them a call.
  4. Thanks everyone!! Gotta love this forum...:tup:
  5. I saw an ink twiggy and ink box at Barneys (NYC) on Saturday...not a first, but thought i'd let you know
  6. Diabro.net may have them if 'mer fonce' is ink.
  7. Good luck finding your ink I have never actually seen on irl.
  8. I just purchased an INK Coin Purse today - the color is MAGNIFICENT and the leather is to die for :drool:
    Good luck finding your first!!
  9. diabro has an ink twiggy - it's ENCHRE in french...