Would any of you CL ladies buy this shoe?

  1. The price is $635. Opinions welcomed.

  2. i tried them on the other day..they run a bit narrow..
  3. No, I would not. I wouldn't even buy it if it was on sale. Just not my style.
  4. Not really my style I like the fishnet better with an open toe version. I prefer these in patent leather for example just fits the classic design better now that's just me.
  5. maybe in black, but definitely not white.
  6. While its a nice shoe, its really not my style... so no I would not buy them especially for the price.
  7. No, It looks trashy.... especially since its white.. IMO.
  8. I saw these today. They're all right, just not my style. Personally, I wouldn't buy them.
  9. I saw a picture of half of the shoe, so I can't be sure. But, Saks has a pair of red fishnets. Now those looked kinda cute, at least half of it did! The personal shopper at Saks is going to send a pic and when he does I will post. He had sent me another pic and this was in the background. I asked what it was as it looked interesting. I do not care for the white to be honest.
  10. I don't like any of the fishnet shoes..
  11. Ok, he sent the pic, it is too big to post, but yuk. Some how just seeing one side was not too bad but, no no no.:tdown:
  12. I thought the same thing about the open toe like this picture. White fishnet is not for me.
    Mlle Marchand.jpg
  13. =\ it looks like somethin my granny would wear
  14. I started laughing to myself when I read this:lol:
  15. The mademoiselle marchand which is the open toe version is better. The closed toe is pretty homely, not a TDF Louboutin.