Would any Hermes scarf lovers want a book?

  1. Ladies, I'm moving soon so unfortunately, I have to get rid of most of my stuff (with the exception of my H collection, of course ;) ) However, I'd love for this book to go to a TPFer who adores scarves. The title of the book is called The Scarf by Andrew Baseman, a stylist for magazines including HG, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. He has a collection of well over 600 vintage scarves.

    There are 110 pages of fascinating information, featuring designers including Hermes, Pucci, Liberty, Vera etc as well as a blurb regarding the history of the scarf. So, if anyone's interested, please let me know and I'll send it to you at my expense.

  2. Hi, That is such a nice thing to do, I cannot take it because I live in the UK, if I was in the US, I would snap it up! I am going to get some scarf tying leaflets from Hermes when I next go in!x
  3. What a great gesture, unfortunately I live in Oz.
  4. Holy cow! That book looks fabulous! I would love it!!! I PM'd you!
  5. I have this book. It's got great photos.
  6. You are so kind and thoughtful
  7. Wow! I'd love it. How nice of you!
  8. Is it still in print? I think I'll check and pick up one. It looks great!
  9. I have that book, too, and I love it. I don't think it's still in print, but I found mine recently on eBay, for a very reasonable price, so it's worth checking there.
  10. I'm actually based in New Zealand but I don't mind shipping to anyone anywhere. It's the least I can do considering how many TPFers here have helped me in the past. Since I've received a number of PMs, what say I put all the names that are interested in the box and I'll get DD to pick the winner?

    Someone asked how much it is. Sorry about the mistake as I was typing way past midnight and getting rather bleary eyed. I'm happy to give it away and ship to the winner at my expense. So for those in the UK or Oz, would you like to be in the draw?
  11. You are such a sweetheart, BG! Best of luck with your move. :flowers:
  12. Thank you, NS. Moving is such a headache. :s We'll have to meet up one day. Wanna come to my end of the world? :graucho:
  13. Love to! I'm hopping on a plane right now - be there in a day or two! LOL!!
  14. I'd love to be in the draw, you are a real sweetie to think of others at such a stressful time . Good luck with the move
  15. What a sweet thing to do, birkingal! May your generosity come back to you many times over!:smile: