Would an Anthony work for me?

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  1. I fly a lot and always take my wheelie case with me as hand luggage. I still like to have a personal bag as well. I'm wondering if a small chocolate or black Anthony (with front pocket) would be good enough to hold my long purse, passport, ticket/boarding card, mobile and lipstick. The Anthony could then be tucked into my wheelie case if needed. Do you think it's the right size and would work for travel? I'm only 5'2" hence considering the small size, however, would it be large enough?
  2. Hi mini, I don't have an Anthony but from the pics and when I saw it in the shops it has always struck me as quite smallish. It might be ok for the few items you mentioned above but probably not much more than that. Sorry, not much help here...
  3. Hi mini, I had a small ant and it held pretty much what you described easily so should be perfect for you in that respect. I'm only a shortie too (same height) and it was good from that respect to. However, I upgraded mine to the seth as I needed to carry lots more stuff (eg when we are on holiday I usually carry mine and DHs phones, my purse, his wallet, keys, junk for kids).
  4. I have a feeling the small Anthony would be okay then, since I really only want it to hold:

    Long purse
    Tickets/boarding card
    Small mirror and lipstick

    I'm mindful that airlines are getting more strict when it comes to hand luggage, so it helps if I just have my wheelie case and if necessary the Anthony could be slipped inside, so I clearly only have one piece of hand luggage. The long purse wouldn't be a problem would it? The height of the Anthony would fit it?
  5. yes that would work i have 4 3 small 1 large
  6. Hi, I have a small oak antony and for the few things you need, it'll be ideal. You won't be able to get much more than that in it though - I usually carry purse, keys, phone, lip gloss and face powder and that's about all it can take, without cramming it full and making it go out of shape. I think the long purse should be ok, it may just reach the top of the bag, maybe you can measure your purse? I'll go and measure to the top of my antony now and let you know.

    Great litte bag :smile:
  7. Snowy, you have four? Wow. I think I definitely need to look out for my first. It sounds like it would work for what I want. Thanks for your help girls.
  8. Mini, late to this but Anthony would be a great choice. I have a choc Ant and it's my most used bag, which for a small bag holds quite a lot. I have used mine on a flight before and it held all of the above no probs. So get's a :tup: from me!
  9. Here you go, it's about 10 inches, or 25cm, so I think a long purse will just fit nicely.
  10. Mini, I also think the Antony would work well for you on flights. If it weren't for the fact that I carry soooo much stuff no matter where I go, I'd have kept the two Antony's I had.

    Btw, my long locked purse fit inside just fine.
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    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
    You girls are invaluable, you've all made me realize the small Anthony will be perfect for what I want. I definitely wouldn't need to add any other contents, it's just for the basics when travelling, while still being able to shove the Anthony in my wheelie case if I need to.

    Shopaholicmum, thanks for your support, you've made me feel positive about my choice.

    Fuzzy, your picture is so helpful (your oak looks gorgeous). It really looks like it will be perfect, I hadn't realized the Anthony has a gusset and base as well, which gives it a bit of width. Don't we girls love a bit of width. :lol:

    KLP, I know you had an Emmy purse and that is the same size as my current purse, so it looks like it's a big thumbs up.

    Thanks so much, you girls are the greatest. Now perhaps I need to look out for choc AND black, since I'd use both colours. If anyone happens to spot any at a good price, please let me know.
  12. I've just noticed Lady F's burgundy Ant.... oh my..... BEAUTIFUL! I love it. I'm off to search..... choc, black or burgundy!!!
  13. Sorry so late to this Mini, but good luck to you on your search for the perfect Antony. I am always amazed at how much I can fit in mine, absolutely perfect for traveling!!!:biggrin:
  14. Honestly, no wonder I can't find it on ebay, it would help if I spelt it correctly, ie ANTONY without an H. Duh!!!

  15. bag excitment can to that:nuts::yahoo: