Would Ali be too big for me?

  1. I've been agonizing about getting buying an Ali for the past couple weeks. In most of the pics, she seems to be quite large in proportion to the wearer. I am about 5'1", 130lbs. Right now, I'm rockin' the small ergo hobo and it fits pretty well, but maybe a bit small.

    I just don't want to buy a bag off eBay that I will not use! And yes, I've been checking various threads for size comparisons, but it's hard to tell w/ some posters about their sizes.

    Any thoughts?
  2. hi there!
    i have 2 ALIs and i am only 5'2 and 140lbs.
    i dont think ALI is too big on me.but maybe im
    just bias coz i love this design so much!! :lol:
  3. It really depends on you and how comfortable you are with this bag. I recently got a white Ali and it is beautiful but came to find it was not a good fit for me. I am 5"4" and 115 lbs. It was a little heavy and overwhelming for my structure- plus the strap was too wide for me as I have smaller shoulders. But, everyone else seems to love this bag. The medium Carly's and bleecker flaps work better for me.
  4. well, i have 2 Ali's and i am 5'2 and 125ish! it is a big bag but i really love her!! here are my pics......oh and she is pretty heavy too.
    if you don't choose Ali, what about the legacy shoulder bag? or the medium ergo hobo? i have both of those and they are roomy but not as big as Ali.
    tPFtwinali's 003.jpg tPFtwinali's 006.jpg
  5. I also have Ali (black leather), I'm 5'4" 110 lbs (small build) and I love her. She's a bigger bag, but not huge. She's very comfortable on my shoulder and find it to be lighter in weight than my black leather Leigh bag. If you worry about weight, if you got one in signature, it would be lighter than leather. I'll try and take a picture tonight and post it here (I'm at work right now) so you can have another comparison.
  6. Ali is a gorgeous bag, and it isn't so much the height and the width for me, but the depth. She was just too wide to comfortably carry for me, so I went with the slim flap instead.
  7. Thanks for the replies!
  8. Your Alis seem to look pretty big on you, and you're tiny! hmmmm

    I think I tried on the legacy shoulder bag, does it look similar to the Ali? If so, it seemed REALLY heavy for how simplistic it looked!
  9. yeah, the legacy leather bags are pretty heavy. it doesn't really bother me, personally.
    here is a pic of my '06 shoulder bag....the '07 ones have just one larger pocket on the front.

    ack, this is my 1000th post!!
    tPFcollectionali 010.jpg
  10. The Shoulder bag, at least if it is the 2006 version like Ali, has two front pockets and is probably half the size (maybe less) of Ali. It zips across the top instead of having a flap like Ali. The 2007 version has one front pocket, but is otherwise pretty similar in dimensions to the 2006.

    And Legacy leather is heavy. Ali is quite heavy, IMO, which is another reason I went with a slim flap instead. The drop is slightly longer than a shoulder bag, though, which makes it more comfortable to wear.
  11. Why not try the Slim one? I think that is more suitable for petite people. If you want me to model one, let me know! :smile:
  12. It is a larger bag, but not overwhelmingly so. Im 5' and 105 lbs and it works fine for me. Heres a modeling pic of both my whiseky and my black. I just adore this bag. Its is classic Coach at its best.
    ali model 001.jpg blackali 004.jpg
  13. I, too, have been looking at the Ali - but the slim one on eBay. I am also 5'2" and about 120 lbs. I think the bigger one is too big for my frame - but it's difficult to tell having never seen it before. Does anyone know if the Ali is similar in size to the 2007 Legacy leather flap bag? I do know how big those bags are. You gals are so incredibly helpful. I think the Ali is a really classic style! I got the Leigh in Raisin and I absolutely love it and love the leather on it. It doesn't feel heavy at all to me, either because of the center of gravity. I don't want to get off topic here - I just wanted to be able to compare the feel - I do love the Ali and the camel one and also the white ones are TDF!:smile:
  14. Here's the modeling pics of my Ali. Again, I'm 5'4" (barefoot) and 110 lbs. I find the Ali leather to be lighter in weight than my 06 Legacy Shoulder Bag and the same exact stuff goes in both bags. I do like larger bags. If you don't carry too much, the slim might be good. No matter what, they are both beautiful bags. Hope this helps.
    Ali Model 1.jpg Ali Model 2.jpg
  15. Thanks so much! The bag looks great on you. I do tend to carry a bit much. I am like a bag lady bringing all my stuff in for work. It is easier most of the time to just carry it in my purse instead of also bringing a tote, but I sometimes do that, too. I just love the look of the ALI, but wasn't sure if it would look to big for me. I am all legs and no torso and so short that it may make me look like some type of cartoon character...LOL! I do love the look of the Ali because it is such a nice, classic, timeless style. I will have to ponder on this. --thanks again....