Would a wristlet work for....

  1. holding a digital camera? DH just bought me a new camera for Christmas and I think I'd like to get a wristlet to keep it in if they're big enough. It seems like most of the ones I've looked at have the dimensions 7" x 4" which sounds big enough. Do any of you use a wristlet as a camera case, and if you do how does it work out? Is it hard to get the camera in and out? Does it protect the camera? TIA :p
  2. It deff. depends on the wristlet, let me put my digi in my wristlet and Ill get back to ya!
  3. I have a sony cybershot and mine fits really nicely in a wristlet, although i usually keep it in a sony camera bag for some extra padding. HTH!
  4. Same here.
  5. I third that! Although I keep my camera in an iPod sock and then put it in the wristlet when I am bringing it places!
  6. it definitely depends on which camera you have. any of the relatively newish cybershots or powershots (sony & canon respectively) would fit most wristlets easily. i personally have an "old" clunker (canon sd410), and it'd fit in SOME larger wristlets.

    If you're out/on the go, etc, a wristlet sounds like it could work; however, I'm not sure if that's such a great idea if you know you're going to knock into things a lot, etc etc. Digital cameras have a lot of fragile parts, and IMO it's worth it to get an uglier camera bag. (I know i know, no one wants to hear that on this forum :smile: )
  7. :wtf: You mean, NOT a cute little pink one? Whats the matter with you?!:roflmfao:
  8. My new camera is a Sony Cybershot. It's not the really tiny one, just the normal one.

    I've always kept my other cameras in a camera case, but this one didn't come with one and I got this camera specifically to keep in my purse so I would always have it with me, so I don't want a big, bulky case. But I also don't want my camera to get broken. Thanks for your suggestions.:tup:

  9. That was so sweet of you to try it out for me. Thanks a ton!!:okay:
  10. Coach does have some camera bags although I personally can comment on how thick the padding is. I keep my digi in regular ol' camera bag. lol
  11. I have a pink Cybershot and use my small white leather with pink heart wristlet as it's "camera case." It fits with room to spare and is easy to get in and out of. As for padding I wouldn't trust my wristlet to keep it protected if I dropped it which is why I do my best not to drop it. *lol* But I usually keep the wristlet inside another bag and only take it out for photo-taking anyway so it's pretty much safe.
  12. Though a coach wristlet would be so much cuter I would just go with a camera bag. I have a sony cybershot (the skinny one) and I bought the Sony leather pouch... though it is not as cute it has a good amount of padding... I have dropped it a few times while in the bag and it didnt even get a scratch on it.
  13. I have a tiny Canon and yes it would fit in a wristlet. However my camera's home is an LV Wapity.