Would a 'sale' stamp prevent your from buying?

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  1. As I am new to H i would like to know the general feeling about sale items being re-sold.
    Would it put you off a purchase if it was a sale item?
    I really don't know where i stand- i mean obviously if there are no flaws etc then the value to 'me' should be the same- but is it?....
  2. To me it is not about the price or sale stamp... it is about how much I love an item. I bought my grail shawl (CSMC in black and naturel) at the Paris sale and it's my most worn H item to date.
  3. you mean the one with the S stamp? if it's something that I really want, why not? it's not like Hermès is going to decline refurbishing it someday.

    it's a non-issue to me.
  4. It would be the same to me, I have bought sale items being resold at a premium. There would have to be no flaws and a HTF design though.
  5. ¨^^
    Same here, if I really want something I´d buy it regardless. I would prefer if it was openly disclosed and with no issues if I were to pay a premium.
  6. I would want to know, but I wouldnt care.
    if it was something I really wanted, bring it on!!!
  7. I've bought sale scarves - I don't think twice about it. It's the scarf I care about.
  8. I bought two shawls and a scarf at the sale - makes no difference to me. I would resent paying top dollar for a sale item, knowing that the seller did not pay full price, but then I'm cheap.
  9. It wouldn't put me off as long as it was stated that it WAS a sale item - If I want it, then just because somebody else was lucky enough to find it at a sale wouldn't make any difference to me. Its the age old saying isn't it - something is only worth what somebody will pay for it! If its a rare item and you really want it, you'll pay whatever you have to to get it or you don't love it enough!

    For me - it would be the CSMC in Green/Black!!
  10. If it was something that I really want I have no problem with buying it!
  11. Not in the least.
  12. Absolutely not! If it's something I dearly want, and someone else has found it for me, than I don't mind even if it does have that little "S."
  13. Nope - my constance has an S stamp. I would have liked to have known in advance, in case I might ever need to sell it, to know what I might expect, but I never buy anything with the intention of re-selling so it makes no difference to me.
  14. No, happy to do so but like many others prefer to know before buying.
  15. ITA with everyone so far...if I love the item I would have no hesitation purchasing it if it had the S stamp and this was disclosed to me upfront.