Would a Paddington backpack work?

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  1. Backpacks are not exactly high fashion (although LV makes some), but in contemplating the ho-hum Paddington Hobo design (see Megs review), I thought to myself that the chunky, block-like Padddington style would be more fitting for a backpack. Furthermore, it would be nice to be able to distribute the notorious weight across both shoulders. So, Paddy lovers, do you think Chloe should design a Paddy backpack? Yay or nay.
  2. I am not much into Backpacks but, I think Chloe could make a great one. Perhaps with the lambskin that they use for the Bettys? That might make it lighter.
    I think Chloe's Paddy answer to a backpack is the cross-body. I will probably never wear my C/B actually ACROSS my body but, I like the idea I can. There have been a few times, on walking tours, museums and sightseeing that I just wanted to throw down my purse to free up my hands/arms. :hysteric: :rant: If that overwhelming need for unconstrained arms overwhelms me again, at least I have the option.

    Ya know a Betty backpack would be cool. or maybe a Tekla?:supacool:
  3. Hmm, I am really not one for backpacks unless one is in Disney World. ;)

    Then again, I'm not one for cross-body bags, but I just bought one. I will use the cross-body option A) Probably in school, B) At airports, C) At Disney World.

    He he.

    MAYBE the people at Chloe' could make it cooler?

    But I'll never be one to say people should wear backpacks as everyday handbags, NEVER.
  4. I like backpacks and Prada have gone a step further and have a ruck-sack out for Spring/Summer. :biggrin:

    I'm not sure if the Paddy would look great in a backpack design; but it's a big YAY! from me for the idea of a Chloe backpack design, of some sort. :yes:

  5. ITA!!! :yes:

    Great idea! :biggrin:
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