Would a Large Muse be good for college?

  1. Would a large muse bag be okay for college? I'm going to be carrying around my laptop (which is about 14 inches diagonally), its charger, maybe a textbook, and a notebook.

    Can I carry the bag on my shoulder? Is the leather strong enough to hold all that, or is it soft and prone to ripping? Is the large big enough for all that stuff?


    ps. what about the tribute? i actually liked this style a little better, but im doubtful whether its a. big enough, and b. strong enough for all my stuff.
  2. I think a YSL downtown bag might be a better fit! :yes:
  3. Hi there! I've been considering which back to get for college and I'm deciding between the oversized Muse and a large Botkier Bianca. I'm more inclined towards the Muse- I think it's classier and will work even after graduation :smile:
  4. I agree. I think the shape of the muse might make it a bit difficult to handle a lot of books and stuff.
  5. Hi bhappy707 and welcome! :flowers:

    The Large Muse wouldn't hold all that stuff. The Oversize Muse would. I agree with some of the others, though, that the Downtown might be better for use as a college tote. (I own both bags.) I highly recommend trying them on IRL, to see how they'd work for you.

    The Medium Tribute is also too small for your purposes. I haven't seen the Large Tribute in person, so I'm not sure about that one. Good luck!
  6. YSL Downtown is perfect for school and travel. The Muse isn't as pliable.
  7. definitely agree about the downtown. I just bought one for college as well. I have the medium, and it holds sooo much! The muse's shape will soften up really fast if you put a laptop on there and the bottom may look uneven as a result. but then again, unless you get patent, the muse will do that anyways. That happened to one of my friends, so I never used my muse for school.

    Hope that helps out with your decision!