Would a keyfob as an extender look ok on this bag?

  1. This keyfob...

    On this bag...

    Both in black. Is there a big difference btwn the widths of the straps on the keyfob and the bag? Or will this bag fit on my shoulder comfortably without it? Thanks!
  2. There is a difference between the widths. I've used that key fob on my cosmetics pouch though and it doesn't look wierd. You may be able to fit it on your shoulder comfortably though, I used to have one and it fit fine.
  3. Here are some pics of mine with my key fob on them. I don't use it with this bag, so my key cliip is brown. The hardware on the key clip is brushed silver while the demi it's shiny, if that matters to you. I don't think it looks that weird. HTH!

  4. There is a full metal one isn't it?
  5. Anotheremptysky---Would you happen to be able to post a pic of your cosmetic pouch with the keyfob on it? I'm thinking of getting one of those as well and was wondering how it would look.

    Turtlejd--Are you able to fit much into that bag? I haven't seen it in person yet.

    I don't really like the look of the keyfob on the demi though. I think it may fit over my arm fine as long as I don't have a coat on. The bag scaler on the website shows it fitting on the arm...don't know how accurate it is though. Thanks everyone!
  6. whoa thats a good idea. and i have that bag in red and i can't fit anything in it... i don't use most of my coach bags because they are too small for my stuff..
  7. You should order the Amanda key fob. I haven't seen it recently in the store but know you can order it.
  8. I'm able to fit my wallet/credit card case holder, cell phone, lip balm, small pen and sunglasses with the case (if I really squish). It doesn't hold a ton, but the essentials fit. If I leave out the case (which is huge) I can get my keys in too. Good luck deciding!
  9. I wouldn't do it :\\ I have that keyfob in white, and the clasp is very heavy and bulky
  10. here are some pics on the cosmetics bag. it looks a bit more uniform because it has a thicker strap than the demi. I used to have a demi, and the cosmetics pouch can hold a bit more too. :smile:
    pkf1.jpg pkf2.jpg pkf3.jpg
  11. ^^That looks pretty good! I'd wear it like that.
  12. What a great idea! I'm going to have to copy...hehehehe
  13. I ordered the same keyfob and I think it is too bulky. Why dont you try the Women's Trigger Snap Keyfob?
  14. I have the black demi. I ONLY use it when I go to the casino because when I go there I carry very little (a mini skinny with some cash and my cards, lip stuff, cellphone... that's it). If you're planning on carrying very much, you really have to squish it in (IMO). I never carry it on my shoulder... it feels awkward because the bag is small and the strap is shorter than most of my other bags. I usually just carry it at about my elbow. hehe. I do like that clip idea though. Good thinkin'! :idea: