would a calcaire compagnon be a pain in the butt?

  1. calcaire compagnon....pain? will it just get ridiculously dirty? :blink:
  2. Can you applegarde it first? I love the color, but in a wallet.....might
    get dirty fast. If you could treat it first, I think it would be great. The
    color is gorgeous and the Compagnon is such a great wallet!:yes:
  3. I love the calcaire colour and I love the compagnon, but it's a combination that I personally wouldn't do. If something leaked or spilt in my bag I would faint. Maybe it's because i have two kids and am lugging around various sticky foods, pens, etc.

    Are there any other colours you're interested in?
  4. i thought about that too... was thinking of bidding on that one, but am not going to now. i am currently carrying a cream colored ferragamo wallet, had it for some years now, and its pretty darn dirty, even though i have protected it and cleaned it. I dont know personally if i would go for another cream light wallet. So i bought the calclaire city instead!! now i have to worry about the handles!
  5. lol - i was this close to bidding on the wallet too. Dang, it sure is beautiful but I know I (or one of my kids) would get it really dirty.

    I wonder if it would get any colour transfer from the lining of the Bal. bags.
  6. I was also planning on bidding, but it's Calcaire. It's Calcaire. Perhaps if it were AG sprayed regularly? I would be too worried about a pen becoming uncapped and then, well, there went $300 (whatever it gets bid up to) : (

    Good luck to whomever does buy it though. It really is very, very pretty.

    I wish you well,

  7. haha! i guess we're all watchers of that calcaire compagnon! The only reason why I'm considerig it is because the price is right (well, so far). I can't afford to spend $500 for a bordeaux one or other colors. Hmmmmm, maybe if it stays under $300 I'll bid, but you know I'll be SUPER paranoid about spraying it every week! haha.
  8. I saw that one too, but decided against it. I'm too careless with all the crap I throw in my bags. It is nice though.
  9. me too, i'd be guaranteed to destroy it within the 1st 24 hours :graucho:...when i wear light colors, things jump out at me!!!
  10. LOL! I was watching that, too! :lol: But, like the other ladies here pointed out, I know it would get dirty no matter how much care I take to AG it, etc(esp as often I as whip out my wallets. LOL)