Would a Black Jumbo Caviar look too "old" on me?

  1. Hi Ladies-
    Just a question that I thought would require your expertise.
    I am only 18 but have been into high-end handbags for a couple years.
    I just recently got a plum caviar east-west & the beige GST & now I have my eye on the black caviar jumbo flap. I am only 5'3" & 105 lbs so I'm a little worried that it will look ridiculous on me (although I do own many big bags :love: ) Furthermore, my mom & stepmom think that the jumbo in black may not look "age appropriate." They think I should wait a year or two & I told them I was going to ask the PFers for their thoughts. :smile: hehe Any input would be much appreciated ! Thanks!...

    Oh & I can't just go to the boutique or NM to try on the bag because I live in Wisconsin where all we have is Coach & Dooney & bourke :crybaby: :yucky:
  2. Im 24 and i just got my jumbo flap bag. The ironic thing is that the older you are, the older the bag looks on you. I think that the bag is a classic. Especially on a younger lady, it looks classic, not old. My mom was trying it on and it just looked old on her. So i think it looks nice on a younger person. I would though, wait a few years to get it. Its definately a more structured and "formal" bag. But a chanel is a classic that you'll use forever!
  3. Hey there! I am 5'4 and 105lbs...we are the same size!:yes: And I just ordered a Jumbo Flap in white. I'm going to be turning 21 in March. I don't think the bag would look to "old" on you at all! Where i live the only stores we have are coach and D&B also:confused1: I think it would look great and you should go for it! Hope this helps you!
  4. hey! i'm nineteen and if it was in my funds right now that would be the exact bag i get. I think they look classy, for sure, but definitely not too old. i mean, people like michsa barton and all sorts of young people wear them
  5. I think they look good at any age! Dress it down w/jeans to make it look less serious.
  6. Go for it, you will look wonderful for years to come.
  7. When you're THAT young, nothing looks old on you. Go for it.
  8. Thanks for your help! I think I'm going to go for it in a month or two (once I have the funds) I can't wait! :heart: