Would a 35 birkin and 35 kelly retourne, same color, be redundant?

  1. ....I know, silly question, but Ive been shopping for kids gifts ranging from nintendo wii to StarWars Legos all day, and my mind has turned to mush. Not a pressing question, but one I will probably wrestle with in the New Year, so all help and advice is welcomed and appreciated!
  2. hi jedi!!! ((((waving))))

    i don't think it's redundant. the birkin is for days you want to walk around with your flaps hanging out so you can get in and out of it easily. another day you want a more tailored look but need the same color...voila there you go, you want the kelly for that day.

  3. for example, i could, but i wouldn't wear my black birkin to a funeral ....but i'd wear my black kelly, no question about it.
  4. Have to agree. I don't think they are the same bag.
  5. Not the same bag at all... what a wonderful thing to ponder over the holidays!!
  6. 100% agree !
  7. Because of the huge repertoire of colours and skins that Hermes use, I personally would have to go about crossing out a whole lot of options (by elimination method) to get back to the same colour and skin.
  8. I agree with Mrssparkles. I would rather have a variety of colors before I started duplicating them unless I had unlimited funds.
  9. I think it would depend on what color the bags were (yes, to black) and how many bags one has an can afford to have.
  10. I think so. While they may be different styles, they both have that signature Hermes bag look. I'd go for a totally different color.
  11. i think i'd try to go for a different color but if you love it, why not?
  12. Welllllll.......I've got a 30cm Black Box Birkin and a 28cm Black Box Kelly and use them for different reasons so I 'd say....go for it! Yep!!!!!
  13. How about getting the same color but in different leathers? That would help a little, don't you think? But I agree with the observation that they are two different bags that can have two different personalities (funeral comparison was spot on, imho).
  14. I am all about black bags and have more than 1 Birkin in the same size in black (but in a different skin). So I am probably not the one to offer an unbiased opinion on this matter.
    Yes, a 35 Birkin and a 35 retourne Kelly are totally different bags...but I guess I would go with a different color/skin (either) rather than have them both in the same exact combo. The exception, for me, would be, black box, and only if I had a pretty extensive collection already.
  15. No. They are two extremely different bags!!