Would a 15'' Macbook Pro fit into a Large tote Paris Biarritz?

  1. Id really like to know before I buy one for work...does anyone have an idea? Thanx xxx
  2. Without it sticking out from the top of course.
  3. Size of this PB bag can hold your laptop.
  4. Ooo, ask Hapa!! I believe she just bought one to fit her Macbook :yes:
  5. LOL, so could a nice BMW for that price...:roflmfao:
  6. I just mean the size not price :p
  7. I know, I was just thinking that somewhere, a rich lady is saying to herself, that would be the perfect PRACTICAL solution to tote my laptop in...:lol:
  8. I got the large tote and it fits my Macbook perfectly. I'm sorry but I don't know the difference in size between this and the pro. I just brought my Macbook into the boutique and tried it in a few bags before I settled on the Large Paris Biarritz tote.
  9. the macbook is white and 13'' the macbook pro is silver and 15''...would the tote hold it in?
  10. Hi. I just put my Macbook into my bag and it fit with room for a couple more inches. Now, it might make the bag look a bit more distended but I'm unsure. However, I could just be a little cautious. It does look like there is enough room, though.
  11. awww thanx Hapa xxx
  12. Sorry for totally missing the size of the Macbook Pro as given in the freaking title of this thread! I am on a sugar high because my sister brought me some peeps, which NO ONE has heard of in this country so all for me! hee.
  13. aww sweets its enough you went to all the trouble and checked it out..enjoy your candy :smile:
  14. I have a PowerBook G4 (9 1/2" x 13 1/2") and it slides around inside my Paris B, so I have to put lots of other things inside the bag, so the laptop will be safer and more stable. (Of course, I always carry lots of other things, so it isn't a problem... :smile: )

    The bag can easily expand to 16" if needed. It only has a height of 9 and something inches if you want to use the zipper flap, but if you don't use the flap, it is about 12 1/2" in height.

    ETA - I'm talking about the bag with the side pockets... the medium size I think. The large size is really a suitcase...
  15. i don't know about the macbook pro, but i have a 15" sony vaio and it fits inside my paris biarritz tote. i have the one without the pockets on the sides (msrp $1225). hope this helps!