Worth The Wait!!!!!!!!!!

  1. After missing the dang Fed Ex driver on Wednesday:cursing:

    I managed to get home from work in time to collect my parcel yesterday:yahoo:


    I :heart: :heart: this bag and it was DEFINITELY worth the wait (for the price reductions) :happydance:

    This may be my last Choo bag I ever purchase because I plan on being buried with it :death:
    patchwork 001.JPG patchwork 002.JPG patchwork 003.JPG patchwork 004.JPG patchwork 013.JPG
  2. That is stunning!! CONGRATULATIONS on a great find!!
  3. Gorgeous!!!!! congratsss.. I think that's probably one of my fav ramonas!
  4. Robyn, it is GORGEOUS! I love the colors, the texture, everything! Enjoy... :drool:
  5. those colors are fantastic! how would you describe them? They look like black pearls and shimmery olive green which is just a fab combo. :tup:
  6. OMG Robyn that is simply stunning.
  7. Oh wow, that is GORGEOUS!!! Love the boots, too!! What was your final haul for the holidays? Like, the entire F/W collection???? :yahoo: So jealous!!
  8. i told you before, but it certainly bears repeating....everything is SPECTACULAR!:drool::love:

    i agree with bella--the colors and the textures of that bag are breathtaking...really well done, my friend! :tup: it is my fav, but everything is wonderful!:girlsigh:
    congrats again! :yahoo: wear them in the very best of health and happiness!:heart:
  9. That is definitely the Holy Grail of Choo! What an amazingly beautiful bag!!! :love::love::love:

    I'm SO happy for you that you got the bag of your dreams (and on SALE!!)! :yahoo: Wear her in good health! :flowers:
  10. What a gorgeous bag Robyn!! Congrats :dothewave:
  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going into a "CHOO COMA"!

    You're bag is too beautiful for words!
    Please post some modeling pics!
  12. Wow! I bet it is stunning in person. I am usually not a patchwork person in purses, but they way they did this really elavated it to a chic level.
  13. Oh Robyn, that is amazing! And you got your Yevas too! Modeling pics are in order!:nuts:
  14. Robyn, I'm speechless. Your bag is too beautiful to describe. I'm just staring and :drool: over here. You deserve this beauty. Afterall you're always helping us and searching high and low so we can find the perfect Choo.
  15. Robynbenz - You have a beautiful bag there. _bella_ is on to something. The colors remind me of Tahaitian pearls. I really like the gun metal hardware, too. I will have to live vicariously through you. This is a perfect bag for winter.