Worth the wait!!

  1. So.. after a LONG LONG wait.. I finally got in my pirata BV last week! :yahoo: (cause i had to wait until the seller got them and then wait til she sent them to me ack!) Plus she was so nice and even gave me freebies hehe. hello kitty candy and an air freshener!

    Anyway back on topic.. along with my pirata bv.. i also ordered a pirata zucca and a pirata gioco for my sister's friends..


    My "collection"..

    okok.. i lied.. the pirata gioco and zucca don't belong to me... and the pirata stellina, paradiso mamma mia, and citta gioco belongs to my sister.. the rest is mine though! :wlae:
    I bought my sister the paradiso mamma mia and turns out my other sister bought her the same one! so now we have two! so we're gonna sell one .. and she's going to sell the citta gioco... the collection's going to shrink! :wtf:

    I dont know how visible it is... but can you see that my pirata porta has perfect placement (to me anyways)... you can see a whole girl there! not cutoff! eheh

    here's my actual collection.. just without my bv and pirata portatelefono..

    Time for close up pics!

    Here's my inferno gioco... this was my FIRST tokidoki bag.. i kept obsessing over it.. but never got it cause i felt it was too expensive.. so i guess i kept talking about it too much so my sister got it for me for christmas! Absolutely love it and it is still my favorite so far eheh


  2. mm Second bag was the paradiso zucca!! I was looking for pictures of the pirata zucca b/c at the time when i was communicating with the seller i couldn't make up my mind if i wanted a zucca or bv.. and when i was looking for them, i kept seeing pictures of paradiso zuccas instead... which of course made me fall in love with it so i had to get it.. :rolleyes:



    I also got a paradiso portatelefono off of another eBay seller.. but i'm kind of iffy on it.. don't know if i'll keep it or not.. :p


    and finally.. my bv had the PERFECT placement... it shows the whole pirate scene on both sides with no girls cut off! The seller gave me two choices to choose from and when I saw this one, it was perfect!



    annnd there you have it! theres my super long post of my tokidoki's whew! ... congrats if you actually read through all of that.. hehe :roflmfao:
  3. Wow congrats on the bags! I cant really see them though cuz im using dialup and its slow to load! lol I'll check them out later when I go to my friends house or something..they got cable :lol:
  4. You have some nice goodies! The pics turned out great!
  5. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  6. Nice collection, congrats!
  7. I didn't think I'd ever really like th epirata print, but it actually is very pretty. I may have to reconsider.
  8. thanks guys! i'm currently satisfied with my collection hehe.

    Kawaii_Sweets - i didn't think i'd like it either.. i thought about selling my pirata bv.. but after i looked at it a couple of times i couldn't bear to part with its perfect placement! :yahoo:
  9. chancy thats an awesome collection!! I love your piratas, and you are right, the portofonos cut off all the print but yours is awesome!! :biggrin:
  10. what camera did you use?? it makes the bags look soo good! :drool: love the inferno!! :lol:
  11. thanks!
    I used a canon powershot sd30.. but did some finishing touches in photoshop :greengrin:

    photoshop can make anything :drool: worthy haha

    inferno is one of my favorite prints so far :biggrin:
  12. That's alot of bags :smile: I wish I had that much!
  13. nice! I cant really see anything really photoshopped? unless its just those watermark thingies you put?

    Inferno is beginning to grow on me :biggrin:..move aside Foresta (my first :heart: )! haha..j/k! Great print on the Inferno!!
  14. oh i just used photoshop to fix up the contrast/brightness and such.. without the fix the pictures seemed a little dull.. :p

    haha. i wasn't too found of foresta.. but i'm beginning to like all the little characters.. just not the green color.. lol

    i have yet to see one irl.. my sister's friend has one but i've never seen it..
  15. Those bags are beautiful!!!!! Makes me want an inferno again....well, I've been wanting an inferno and I have no business buying anymore bags but I feel like I gotta get an inferno stellina while they still have some choices? Do you think they'll ever go to 50% off at the outlets?