worth the price?

  1. are gucci's worth the price?
    i want a medium hobo for $850,
    and i just wanted to know if it'll last me a while.
  2. Is the hobo you want leather or the canvas fabric? Personally, I only buy leather Gucci bags because I've heard too many stories of the canvas fraying. So far I love my leather Gucci's & think it was totally worth the price. I'm sure they'll last a long time too.
  3. it's canvas with leather trim...

    but you've never personally had an issue with the fabric?
    or leather?
  4. I have the gucci medium "chain" hobo purse in the GG fabric...i've had it for a year and 2 months now and it has no stains or any problems with the fabric. I always store it in the dustbag or put it in a corner when i store it. I also don't lay it on the floor or throw it around/throw stuff in my bag etc. I'm not EXTREMELY gentle with it or anything and i think it's holding up great =) I love this bag!! it's totally worth it!
  5. thanks so much.
  6. I believe that Gucci is a little overpriced for what it is...personally I have bought 2 Gucci handbags and returned them both! Just don't like it enough I guess...so now i have just give up on Gucci!
  7. Hi! I've had my Gucci Amalfi in the GG fabric, for 6 moths. I loved it so much I just bought the Chain Large Hobo. I think they are expensive, but they are an investment. To me, worth every penny. And, the compliments you receive will make you feel great!
  8. the canvas is definately durable and will definately stand the test of time. i sold off all my canvas bags to family and friends, and they were very very pleased [and im not so gentle sometimes] my collection pic needs to be updated though, due to the sales of the monogram bags. i added some LV accessories and just purchased the chanel baby cabas in black leather but im going to return it and get the GST instead.
  9. I hope this doesn't sound up myself or arrogant or proud or snobbish.... or all of the above :push: cos I am definitely not rich or anything, but compared to my favourite labels like Fendi, Chanel and Hermes, I find Gucci to be the most affordable... But that doesn't mean I buy heaps! :p
  10. Oh and the canvas is very durable, I love it.
  11. my canvas on my hobo looks like its fraying a bit..I don't use this bag all the time because I alternate with my mirage speedy but another gripe I have is that I HATE gucci leather trims on the canvas bags because my leather is RIPPING OFF. Its definitely "normal" wear and tear but none of my LVs do this! The side of the leather is ripping/tearing off on the strap...GRRRRR. I paid $1500 for this bag and it's doing that? That's why I'm hardly in the Gucci section now, although I still love their bags, just that their quality on the leather trim isn't that great :sad: But I still love Gucci...
  12. Hehe, I guess it's because their entry-level bags are quite cheap (comparatively), especially the GG plus bags. Their exotics, like any other brand are extremely expensive. I saw the medium wave boston in black croc on the US website before, and it retailed for $12,900! Also the sand croc Peggy retails for 13990 euros!

    But anyway, back on topic, I have had different experiences. My first Abbey's fabric has started to fray a little after 3 months (I used it everyday), but my other Abbey, the script Abbey shoulder has held up great! The fabric my script Abbey shoulder is thicker and more structured I guess, but it still looks like new!