WORTH the Money -- spinoff from Don't Waste Your Money Thread

  1. What's a little pricey but worth it?

    Kiss Me Mascara ($24): This is the ONLY mascara I've ever used that didn't smudge or give me panda eyes after two hours. It's amazing stuff! Worth every penny.

    Laura Mercier Body Cream ($60-something): VERY expensive for body lotion (for me at least) but it feels amazzzzing!

  2. Great thread, curious to read everyones opinions. I think Fresh sugar body scrub is definately worth it for $60 a jar.
  3. Strivectin!

    It has totally erased the wrinkles around my eyes and prevented more from appearing:yahoo:

    And it really isn't that expensive $130ish for a 6 ounce tube that lasts a long time.
  4. ^^ hmmm that's interesting I always kinda wonder about strivectin, I think Retin A is worth the money and trouble of getting the script......I really like Natura Bisse diamond eye and Revive eye renewal cream, I think they are great maintenance products but I'm not so sure how they are with reversing wrinkles and lines (I think the potential is strong thought), I've just been using eyecream for a looooong time so I pretty much keep with preventing....have yet to come across any major lines that I need to try to reverse.....

    I've also been very happy with the quality of every Shu Uemura product I've bought, they have yet to let me down and I'm a pretty tough critic to makeup and skincare.....
  5. The concept behind Kiss Me Mascara is that it makes tubes around your lashes. When you remove them (quite easily with warm water) they come off like little pieces of rubber and don't smudge, run or drip in any way. As I have mentioned in many other threads I am in the beauty industry and have used this since it first came out. I love it for the days that I am going swimming or on Saturday when I am going to go home from the salon, shower and go out that evening. Because there is no need to use a makeup remover with it (ie baby oil) you can reapply your makeup for the evening out without fear of it becoming runny and so forth. You know that oily, blurry eyed feeling you get after removing your mascara and then trying to re-apply.....none of that. However, as a daily mascara it didn't do enough lenghtening or thickening for my tastes but definitly has it's place in my session bag!
  6. Again, agreed, I tube of Strivectin will last forever but I saw a story not long ago where they tested numerous facial products and Strivectin was one of them and found that the skin care system that actually worked the best was Oil of Olay! Believe it or not! So, I have switched and am happy with the results.

    If you do choose to stay with Strivectin avoid purchasing the eye crem as the only difference is that it is fragrance free so you can use your face cream for an eye cream as well. They do this because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body and if any problems will occur, it's generally that people have a reaction to the fragrance in the facial product. (I have spent 10 years doing education in the beauty industry and personally know the manufacturers for almost every line on the market!)
  7. Does Strivectin work on streach marks like they say it does? Has anyone actually used it for this purpose? I have so many after preganancy... you wouldn't believe!
  8. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do with those nasty ole' stretch marks but it wouldn't hurt to invest in a tube and see how it works for you!
  9. Diorshow compact powder - $40 and totally worth it. powder has very find shimmer to it so it gives the dewy look. one of the only foundations/powders that works for my weird non red skin color.
  10. VASELINE!! I use it on everything from dry feet, to dry skin, to cuticle softner
  11. I 2nd the Blinc Kiss Me Mascara. Nothing else stays on my lashes and doesn't smudge!
  12. Chanel - quadra eye shadows, in Spices
    Chanel - mascara in Vamp
    Jojoba Oil - Very cheap and the best moisturizer I've ever used.
  13. Bobbi Brown loose powder...
    Chanel eyeshadows
    Shue Umera eyelash curler
  14. Giorgio Armani foundation. $55 and perfection.

    Jo Malone body lotion. $60+ Goes on silky smooth and gets absorbed quickly too.
  15. Giorgio Armani foundation
    Fresh Supernova Mascara
    Diorshow Unlimited Mascara
    Chanel blushes and lipglosses
    Fresh body and face sugar scrub (skin is soft and moisturized)
    Chantecaille blushes and eyeshadows