Worth the extra $200?????

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  1. The Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 is on my wish-list. I've been looking at the one without the strap because i don't think i need it and it's $200 less than the one with it. Is the Keepall 55 with strap worth the extra money?
  2. Well a natural cowhide strap is going for $140.
  3. Me too! Actually I was considering a keepall 45 but then I rather get a handbag because I hardly travel =<

    I personally like the one with the strap because not only is it more functional but to me it looks nicer. And plus, if you rather hand-carry, you can always remove the strap. Also there's vachetta leather strips down the side too.

    Good luck! I'm very envious =>
  4. Yeah, I think with the strap it looks better. I've also been looking at the Cruiser Bag 40. I'm sure that can be a carry-on.
  5. I think it is :biggrin: Easier to carry and the look is better.
  6. Keepall with the strap?
  7. Yes :smile:
  8. I always picture myself with that full Louis Vuitton luggage set. You don't see too much of that today. You'd stand out. But I prefer luggage on wheels and the Pegase 60 wouldn't probably be carried on since it barely meets the United carry-on dimensions. And do you see how the airport people treat checked baggage. They literally throw the bags on the conveyer (spelling???) belt.
  9. Would the Pegase 50 be too small for you?

    But I would definitely never allow any of my LV luggage (it'll be an eternity before I get any!) to be checked in. I would be afraid of never seeing it again :blink:
  10. I really want a keepall 55 with a strap! It's my next big LV purchase (there will be wallets and a small purse first). I don't want to get any LV luggage that I have to check in, because they get stolen quite often!! Imagine losing your bag AND all the stuff you have in it, what a nightmare...
  11. Mello_yello, we posted at the same time :P
  12. That's what my dad says. Whenever we are at a LV store and see the LV hard suitcases stacked up on top of each other, he's like,"you take that to the aiport, you won't see it again." The Pegase 50 would only be practical for a small trip.
  13. It get's stolen often-how sad. even if it's a fake? That's why I never see any checked in LV baggage. That's why I only want carry-on luggage.
  14. I've also been looking at the Alma Voyage. The craftsmanship looks exceptional.
  15. Lol, I don't know if fakes are stolen.. They probably are, the people working in airports might not know how to spot a real one :P

    I saw the Alma Voyage in the LV store in Copenhagen a few days ago when I bought my bag, and I didn't like it in person. It looks really hard to carry and just awkward. I doubt that could fit in the overhead compartment, it's huge!