Worth it??

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I need some advice on this. I'm about to get my first high end handbag and I'm deciding between the Chanel classic flap and the Lady Dior. Unfortunately, the Chanel Boutiques are very limited on availability, so I think I'll go for Chanel at a later date.

    I saw this beautiful tri-colour Lady Dior in the boutique. The side panel is snake skin. Because it's a limited edition, the price is $700 higher than the lamb skin trio. I'm still deciding whether it's worth the price? Let me know what you think!

    Appreciate any help!

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  2. It is worth the extra money, but not because it is rare. Rather, the lining is leather unlike the regular lambskin quilted mono-colour Lady Dior bags. As well, the side panels are made of ayers leather, which is a type of snakeskin. These two details add to the luxurious appeal of this Lady Dior, hence its higher price.
  3. Thanks for the information, I didn't know all this. is the lining of regular quilted mono-colour not leather?
  4. I will go for the Chanel Classic flap coz the price is going up soon AGAIN... maybe around 15%?
  5. I would love a classic flap but this one is not something you find everyday...

  6. The regular full-lamb is made with a fabric interior. Typically, only exotics come with leather interiors.

    On a Chanel note, I heard that Chanel is having an increase sometime in May/June. Their classics are scheduled to jump $300-500 more. Something to think about when you're weighing your options.
  7. Yea, I heard about this too... Maybe I'll draw out of a hat lol
  8. I have both. I find the classic flap can be used as an every day bag, but the Lady Dior feels a bit more dressy to me. Perhaps because of the top handles. I do love them both though!! Whichever you decide, imp sure it will be a beautiful choice!
  9. Lady Dior in my opinion is better quality and isn't on everyone's arm like Chanel flap bags.
  10. Yeah, that's one of the reasons I chose Lady Dior! It's not seen as often!
  11. Will this be an everyday bag for you or an occasion bag? I think they can both be used for everyday but the Chanel more so. I have both and in all honesty, I love my Lady Dior a tiny bit more. It's so exquisite and I love that I rarely see the LD's being carried (where I live anyway). Either way, you can't go wrong. Both iconic and classic bags. Good luck in your decision 😊
  12. This will be an occasion bag for me... I don't use the "higher" end bags for everyday use if you know what I mean. I use MK, longchamp, etc for everyday use.
  13. I personally would get the Lady then. They are such gorgeous gorgeous bags. But it is true that Chanel is having a BIG price increase very soon. M/L Classic flap is said to be going up to $4900 😳. So you may want to get your classic flap in soon. Tough decision.
  14. I thought about that, but this is a special version LD... So I think I'll go for this first and a classic flap at a later date... sad face for the price increase...

  15. You will love it! Post pics when you get it!😊