Worth it?

  1. I've been in the market for a coloured bag. The bag I have found isn't 100% my dream coloured bag but I do like it a lot.

    The bag I stumbled across is an authentic MBMJ Classic Q Drawstring bag for $70. The seller bought it from Nordstrom a few years back and still has the receipts, it is in impeccable condition.

    My sister thinks it isn't worth it. I'm unsure of how much I'll like a coloured purse. But for $70 for a MBMJ in great condition I'm thinking I can't pass this offer up. It'll be a good way to test the water with a coloured bag.

    What do we think?
  2. pic ? :smile:
  3. I've posted some in the authenticate this thread! I'm almost positive its authentic I just need to make sure.
  4. I totally think its worth it! But then again, I'm always looking for a bargain :smile:
  5. I think it is!! defo!
  6. I'm supposed to buy it today but our meet up plans keep falling through :sad:
  7. Just got the bag. Not in as great condition as I expects, still very good though. I'm pretty happy. I'm going to use it for class.
  8. lovely! Congrats :smile::smile:
  9. Trying to work a green bag into my wardrobe is proving to be a harder task than I thought.
  10. Congrats on your bag! I have a Kelly green Venetia and IMHO I treat it as a neutral :smile: my go to is skinny jeans, brown riding boots, and an oversized white button down, tucked in
  11. for the leather quality of MbMJ bags, $70 is a deal!
    Can't buy anything good for $70 these days.
  12. It's a few years old. The leather is so much nicer that the two MBMJ bags I bought in 2012. I'm happy :smile: