worth it to pay $20 extra for parrafin w. pedicure?

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  1. I have a gift card for a spa. The value is $120. Full pedi costs $75; 20 minute pedi costs $45. I was planning to get the full pedi. They charge extra for parrafin treatment (probably $15-20).

    So I can get the full pedi with paraffin and get some lunch or maybe some product. Or get the full pedi w/o paraffin and then have enough money left on the card for a short pedi some other time.

    Is the parrafin treatment worth the extra money?
  2. heck no! I pay an extra $5 or $10 at the most.
  3. ^ same here.
  4. Paraffin is actually mineral oil, why would you pay +20 $ for mineral oil??? Dip your feet in some baby oil and wrap them in a hot towel, it's the same.
  5. I agree, no. I always skip that.
  6. No, the lady that does my mani/pedi always tells me parrafin isn't worth the extra cost they charge.
  7. the salon i go to gives free hand parrafins - no way would i ever pay money for it!! sometimes i even don't do it even though it's free.
  8. I like getting it, but you are being ripped off. $20 is absurd for that.
  9. perhaps u can get extra massage on your feet/legs for extra $$...
    i usually pay $10 for 10 min...some places charge $15 for 20 min...
    if the therapist is good its heavenly!
  10. Not worth it, I think it makes my hands/feet feel greasy.. Buy some OPI or save it for next time.
  11. My step mom has her own machine in the house to do it, it feels amazing, but no i wouldnt pay 20.00 or it
  12. thank you all....glad I asked
  13. that's too expensive! can you just get some nail polish in replacement?
  14. I'll probably just keep the balance on the gift card and go back for their shorter, less expensive pedicure some other time.