Worth it or not... Mini speedy.

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  1. it really is so cute. but with that amount i could get a couple actual bags!
  2. It is so cute but I just couldn't justify the price:nuts: .
  3. It's so cute and I do love accessories. That's too pricey for me!
  4. NO, it's not. Unless you're rich and have more money than you could ever spend, don't get it. It's not worth it.
  5. That's ridiculous!
  6. If I had some money to spare and all the bags I wanted, then I'd consider it.
  7. But it's soooo cute !

    I'd definitely rather have a full sized bag tho. :yes:
  8. Nope, not worth it.

    Don't get me wrong, its simply GORGEOUS! :smile:

    ..... but not for that price.
  9. dont worry. im not considering getting it!
    it pretty cute, but the ruler pic really bothered me!
    4 inches of something should not be 1800 dollard unles its some sort of precious jeweled bracelet!
  10. sorry. i thought i posted pics!
    here are some...
    b3_1.JPG.jpg 24_1.JPG.jpg b2_1.JPG.jpg
  11. not worth it, it's cute, not worth it though...........
  12. I like it but won't buy at that price.
  13. ^ Personally, I don't like those miniatures...
  14. IMO. i dont even think it is carry able!