Worth it just for their customer service!

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  1. I know there was an extensive thread about items being worth it or not but I would totally state any Tiffany item would be worth it just because of their customer service.

    To make a long story as short as possible: local jeweler was going to polish a silver Tiffany's band. Instead, they took a size 9 ring and cut it to a size 5. Then, they tried to fix it and make it a size 9 again. It looked horrible...even fake T rings looked better. Total blow out with jeweler and I am really trying to "let it go" since they do not want to offer me compensate me anything to make this right.

    I took the ring to my local Tiffany's in Short Hills, NJ and Ingrid, my wonderful SA, helped me so much! I was hoping to see if I could pay for them to make it look a little better and in the end, they gave me a brand new ring! I was def not expecting that at all and very grateful.
  2. Wow to the first jeweler (who does that?) and wow! to T&Co. I'm so glad you were able to get a new ring and have a happy memory to associate with it. Definitely say it's worth it.
  3. I am currently in decision purchasing the diamond engagement ring (>1.6ct at least), I and my SO have thought through and still will decide going with Tiffany despite the price will be very $$$$$. :smile:

    The customer service and the reputation is worthy the money, and I dont want to waste my energy to worry about the craftmanship.

  4. Wow! That's a great story!
  5. One of the reasons I shop at Tiffany!

    I bought an intense yellow pear shaped diamond in dbty and changed my mind after an year. I went back to my SA and asked if I could reset it in soleste setting ...guess what, they were happy to do so. I dont have to worry about some xyz jeweler switching my diamond to lower quality. Peace of mind! Craftsmanship! Customer service! Yes please! Worth every cent.

    I am happy for you.
  6. That is so cool Rami00!

    I was given a white gold RTT double heart diamond necklace by my mother in law. I wore it a lot - almost every day, no matter what I was doing. It started to go dim, and almost a little yellow. So I took it back and I paid to have it redipped. It came back sparkling new but after 1 week it went yellow again. So I took it back and asked if there was anything they could do. They gave me a brand new one, with all the new packaging and a receipt - when I had lost those long long long ago.
    I was so taken aback by their kindness. White gold can go a little yellow and dipping is required maintenance, which is why I prefer platinum because its easier imho. Im much more careful with my new one haha!
    They always clean my jewellery for free even though there is a price list in their store somewhere. I get invited to all these events (usually can't go because of work/travel) and when I bought a yellow diamond they gave me a free bottle of moet.
    They supply new insurance valuations for my new items every time I ask and give me great stacks of paper sometimes haha and they don't charge. Although if everything I own got stolen and its insured Id come back and buy stuff - maybe that is just long term sales thinking (hahaha).

    Anyways they have always been good to me and Ive never been disappointed. Im glad other people think so as well!
  7. Totally agree with you - the service is way to go as well as the craftmanship. Despite countless debating of Diamond ring @ Tiffany or regular store, I prefer to make my purchase at Tiffany.

    Still debating which one to choose @ Tiffany, Soleste ring, ring 1) 2.02ct/Color I/VVS2; ring 2)1.63ct/Color G/VS1. The ring 1) seems to be more brilliant than ring 2)

    Have not made decision yet....but inclined to the bigger ring.:graucho:

  8. Tiffany soleste has my heart! Even though so many other jewelers have copied it - I haven't seen quite like the original yet.

    Have you tried both sizes on? Is it the cushion/round or emerlad cut? If I had to chose one..I'd take VS1/G (ring 2).
  9. Yes I have tried on...cushion cut:cool: Which is your opinion on that for choosing.

  10. Hard decision! Sorry, I would not be able to decide, either. Good luck!
  11. I don't have the soleste, but own the embrace. Also had to decide whether to go with size or quality. In the end we went with a smaller diamond but better color.
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    No worry, see link below, the choice had been made 1.5 weeks ago. Got higher color grade (Color H), bigger carat (2.11ct center stone), but again , the final price doubles our original budget, which final price is about $83,000 CAD.

  13. Lisa-sh, Wow!!! I saw that post and was speechless! The prize goes to you for the most breathtaking ring!!!! I would need a bodyguard for that ring if I were to wear it around town. Enjoy! I would also not be able to get anything done and stare at my hand until it becomes cramped
  14. Haha "Staceyjan", thank you..