Worth It? Chanel Boy on Fashionphile

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Feb 6, 2019
I've been stalking a chevron/calfskin boy bag on fashionphile for the past month and it just went down to a 5% discount, a medium boy goes for $5000 retail and the original listing was for $4550 and it's now discounted to $4320.

The bag is in acceptable conditions for me, some small indents on the bottom and small scuffing to be expected from a worn product. But with fashionphile being so inflated lately - i wanted to get some opinions on the current price since i don't think fashionphile gives accurate representation of value anymore since their asking prices for some pieces are way above retail. With the wear and tear do you think the current price with the 5% discount is reflective of it's value or should I sit on it a bit longer and see if it'll go down to 10%?

Listing is here: https://www.fashionphile.com/chanel-calfskin-chevron-quilted-medium-boy-flap-black-544024


Jan 27, 2016
hi..did you end up buying it? I plan to buy a medium black boy in chevron/calfskin..with antique gold HW..if you bought it, do you like it? how is the wear and tear?