Worth going back this weekend?

  1. Hi all! Need opinions. I was not planning on going back to the outlets for a while, but . . . my suede jacket ripped this morning (I'm so bummed as I really love it) and it's not repairable, so I now have a completely non-Coach related reason to go to the outlets. Obviously, I can get a coat anywhere, but I was thinking that if I went to the outlets, well, then not only might I be able to snag that jacket I've been eyeing at Calvin Klein all season, but I can also chech out Coach again :rolleyes:

    But looking at the recent thread about legacy items and the outlets, it doesn't seem like this would be the best weekend to go (I keep seeing the 29th pop up which really doesn't help me anyway b/c it's a Monday and I work nowhere near the outlets so would probably miss all the legacy stuff by the time I could get out there anyway). Plus, I was just there last week and wasn't wowed by too much and don't want to go back just to see the same stuff.

    I love the outlets and normally jump at any excuse to go, but I'm trying to resist the lure of the Coach outlet since I was just there last week and don't want to keep needlessly logging miles onto my car.

    What do you think? Is it worth going again? Does anyone know if the outlets (I go to the Lancaster, PA outlet if that helps) would be getting anything different? Anyone want to hire me to personal shop for them so I don't have to feel so guilty about spending money and driving so much? LOL!
  2. Well, since you need a jacket, I see no point in not going. Go & while your there just peek into Coach. If Coach is just too much a temptation...stay away LOL & just go straight & get your jacket. How far is the outlets from you?
  3. Go....if you wait to long the jacket you want in Calvin Klein might be sold out.
  4. pursefanatic - it's about an hour so not ridiculously far, but not just around the corner.

    Betty Boop - you make a convincing argument!
  5. <---- Agrees with Betty Boop. I think I might go as well. You NEED the jacket & you might as well catch a deal @ Coach too!
  6. Encouragement goes a long way (an hour or so);)
  7. YAY! Enabling! Just what I needed!

  8. lol...take linz with you. From her post she is an enabler too.:yes: Welcome to the enabler club Linz:yahoo:
  9. ^^^^ Don't worry, I was including all of you in that post ;)