Worth exchanging??

  1. Hey all. First time poster here. I know I'm nit-picking, but for the money they should be PERFECT. I was just wondering if you think it is worth exchanging this pair of sunglasses for another. Check out split damier pattern.
    sun1.jpg sun2.jpg
  2. First and foremost, welcome to The Purse Forum! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

    That would kinda bother me too... It won't hurt any to exchange them. :smile:
  3. I agree..that is kind of odd looking.

    And welcome!
  4. I know virtually nothing about LV sunglasses but that mis-alignment would really get on my nerves- I'd definitely check to see if other ones are like that.
  5. welcome to tPF! That would kind of bother me so I would exchange them :yes:
  6. Yeah exchange them for sure! I tried those on in blue at LV in Las Vegas they're cute, but i looked like mc hammer in them (not really but i looked bad) hahaha!
  7. Thanks for all the input everyone. Haha, you know, they have them listed as womens and mens, but i'd be willing to bet 95% of ppl buying them are men, like me :p To tell you the truth, I was turned on to them after seeing the blue ones, but I tried 'em on and they were just too "in your face" very bright blue, so I went with the brown. My GF didn't really like em either, but then I asked her who picked out her Chanel's, me, so she couldn't question my taste.
  8. it really depends on how it looked on YOU, and your styles are. Like i can imagine some edgy stylist wearing this pair and look fab, or if you like wearing mono tone clothing (ie. all black) this pair of glasses will glow on you too. So trust your instinct, only you know what you want.
  9. I would exchange them. The misalignment would bug me.
  10. is this something I should have noticed immediately? have you guys had similar experiences?
  11. Yes, I think you should've checked your items more carefully:yes:. As for the exchange, I do think yours look odd.... so if you're not happy with it then go get it exchanged!
  12. i'd go ahead an exchange them, no big deal
  13. Exchange them, you're not happy with them so take them back! And no need to be apologetic to LV, just say you don't like them.