Worth dying over

  1. Hub woman tries to Fendi off 3 chic muggers
    By Laurel J. Sweet
    Friday, August 18, 2006 - Updated: 02:44 AM EST

    A Boston woman overtaken by three muggers was kicked in the head and threatened at gunpoint when she refused to surrender her Prada and Fendi bags yesterday.
    Amanda Grey, 21, was jumped while walking on Huntington Avenue in the Back Bay just after midnight. As she screamed for help, Grey kept a tight grip on the top-dollar designer handbags, even as she had a firearm aimed at her head and was dragged several feet.
    Grey, who could not be reached for comment yesterday, lost the battle. A good Samaritan, who saw the suspects rummaging through the purses next to the Lenox Hotel, returned them to police.
    A Boston cop was injured when he fell while chasing one of the suspects, later identified as Jason Henry Simmons, 22, of Roxbury. Simmons’ alleged accomplices remain at large.
    Simmons was arraigned yesterday in Boston Municipal Court on armed robbery and assault and battery charges. He was ordered held on $250,000 cash bail by Judge Annette Forde.
    Boston police spokesman Officer John Boyle does not advocate the death-defying heroics Grey risked.
    “You can replace property,” Boyle said. “You can’t replace your life.”

  2. LOL she was carrying TWO handbags???

    If that were me, I'd probably just freeze! I'd definitely give up the bag. Unless it was a limited edition. LOL!!!
  3. Wow.....that is some serious love for her bags!!
  4. lol sadly I think I would have reacted the same way she did. I work way too hard for my bags!
  5. I might be holding on to it but not because of the bag.....because of the stuff I have inside like my passport, SS# and credit cards!
  6. she NEEDS to join this forum.. or rather it seems like the damage is already done.
  7. That's some devotion to her bags. I would have gladly given up the bags if it meant walking away unharmed.
  8. she's crazyily in love with the bag LOL
  9. :wtf: wow, that's crazy. I wouldn't die over my bags. Bags can be replace but not life.
  10. Wow, I really wouldnt be that serious about my bags. Someone wants them that bad they can have them. LE, SO, or just plain expensive they can and will be replaced. But my LIFE is PRICELESS.
  11. i would definately fight back

    id claw eyeballs out before anyone takes my precious babies
  12. Stupid stupid stupid. She's very lucky they didn't kill her. Bags can be replaced, you cannot be.
  13. Wouldnt it be funny if they were fake! LOL

    Obviously they werent after the bags...the contents..right?

    Stupid women, she is lucky to be alive.
  14. I can understand that the bags cost lots of hard-earn money, but it's not worth losing one's life over. She's darn lucky that she's still alive...
  15. That's pretty stupid!! I don't love bags that much.